Thursday, 16 December 2010

Possible Music Video Company Names

We need to think of record label music video, production company and digipak design company.  Names we could use:
Hello Dave Records
Broken Elephant Records
Addingham Media
Crossbeck Media

In the end we decided on crossbeck media. Here are some logo design ideas:

I especially like the cross face.

Draft 3 Idea

Section 1 -  

  • Over the shoulder shots of the girl writing a note, mise-en scene of a girls bedroom, band poster, desk with a mirror on and school books etc.
  • Slow shots at the beginning. Nearer 1 or 2 seconds.
  • The girl is dressed in white, with pale skin and lots of eye make-up.
  • The girl packs her bag in a hurry
  • Walks through the house, there are broken plates, turned over furniture etc in the background.
  • Close up of the girls hand on the door handle as she is leaving.
  • Close-ups of the girls face with watering eyes.
  • Long shot of her running away from the house.
  • Shots from a car. 
  • Jumpy shots.

Section 2 - (guitar solo)

  • Close-ups of instruments. Fret boards, strings, microphones, bass drum etc.
  • Shots of her collapsing down - jump
  • Girl reaches out to people.
  • Backlit shots of the band playing.
  • Flashing lights
  • Urban night shots
  • High angle shots of her isolation, exposure and vulnerability etc. 
  • Low angle shot of the guitarist
  • Flashbacks of an argument?

Section 3 -

  • Have the ending of the girl sat on a wall, next shot is a train going past, then she is gone. Has she jumped into the tracks? Or has she walked off? Diagetic noise of the train.  Needs testing!
  • Performance shots.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Mise En Scene and Setting

Possible Locations
A garage
A girls bedroom
A street
A bridge
A park
A field
train station
A wall
A wood
town/ city centre

White dress with white tights and shoes
Jeans T Shirts or Shirts for band dependent on ownership
2 Guitars
1 Bass
1 Drum kit
2 Microphones
Lighting rig

Band Poster
Band logo on drum kit
Bag and clothes

Monday, 13 December 2010

We are the Ocean Existing Videos (Lucy)

All Of This Has To End [LINK]

  • Entirely performnce based
  • Lots of shot variation
  • An ageing effect and also different colour filters are used
  • Fast paced and quick moving camera work is also used.
  • The video is set in a warehouse. Items such as ladders, wires and lights are also visible throughout the video. This gives the video a raw edge and feeling to it.
Look Alive

  • A boy is in his bedroom laid on his bed, his mother then comes in and shouts at him. He then walks out of the house and she throws some pieces of paper at him.
  • It then cuts to a performance setting with quite a lively crowd. The video cuts back to this scene/ location throughout the video.
  • The same boy that was in the scene before appears walking through a park past a girl and a boy that are arguing. The attention then is taken off the boy and onto the couple and the girl eventually walks away. Slow motion is also used in this take.
  • Then the girl that was featured in the previous scene is shown walking past a garage where a boy is sat on a chair. He then goes and gets told off by his boss and then he walks out of his job.
  • During the performance aspect of the video very fast paced editing is used.
  • Green and blue filters are also used at some points during the chorus along with slow motion.
  • God Damn Good
  • A girl walks into a room, put on a vinyl record. The band then appear performing in that room. The room is quite dark and dimly lit.
  • The band are shown performing at several points throughout the video and sometimes it is just the lead singer on his own.
  • Aspect of romance included between the girl that was seen before and another man.
  • Fast paced editing which matches the genre of the band and song.
  • The lady then spikes the mans drink. He then proposes to her (she then regrets spiking his drink) and she drinks from the glass that she spiked and collapses, but narrative enigma is created because she could be possibly dead.

Nothing Good Has Happened Yet [LINK]
  • Performance in a warehouse and also with just 2 brick walls with graffiti.
  • Special editing effects are used and have been layered onto the footage in the post production stage.
  • Lots of close ups of the lead singer are used. Lots of shot variation is included as well, because it's an all performance video they need to grab and keep the attention of the audience.

These Days I Have Nothing [LINK]
  • The video is performance with a little bit of narrative and concept.
  • It starts with the lead singer picking up his mic then it fades out.
  • Then it fades back in with the rest of the band. They are playing against a fence with some barbed wire across the top of it.
  • It then cuts to a different setting, in the snow. Someone is walking along dressed in military uniform.
  • Slow motion and blurring effects have been used within the video
  • The military person walks into a house where he is greeted by a female (possibly his wife or girlfriend), they then embrace and other people go up to him to greet him.
  • He then gets angry because he can't cope.
  • Some other soldiers come into the house and take away the man, the female then falls to her knees and break's down.
  • It then fades out to black.
  • At the end of the video, quite a lot of narrative enigma is left for the audience for the audience because they don't know why the guy has been taken away etc.

Case Study On: Metallica (Lucy)

Metallica are from L.A. California.

Formed in 1986.

They have had lots of #1 albums.

Leit motifs such as blue filters and flashing effects were quite often used within most of their videos.

Wayne Isham directed quite a few of their videos.

Enter Sandman

Friday, 10 December 2010

Target Audience

The target Audience for Alternative rock is 15 - 24 this is our core audience. We intend on appealing to this audience by putting our band in casual fashionable emo clothing. Showing scenes depicting teenage struggle and therefore sympathizing with our audience. We have included a mixture of both boys and girls in our video idea to appeal to both genders with use of a dress and extreme close ups of the female protagonist to appeal to the male gaze.

Our secondary audience is either tweenagers 10-13 with the use of a girl in a dress walking around the street in a serial fairy tail setting. Another potential audience for this is 24-55 because we have appealed to the male gaze and the use of special effects makes a more interesting video.  It also appeals to this age groups because our researched bands we've taken intertextual references from have also taken intertextual references themselves from previous metal bands and other media. For example the video In Too Deep by Sum 41 is an intertextual reference to a 1986 film Back to School.

People that won't view our video our idea are the 55+ because our music and technology for exhibiting our product YouTube do not appeal to this audience. Also we use many adult themes such as suicide therefore it does not appeal to -10.

Email to Hassle (by Mary)

To ensure copyright availability here we have emailed We are The Ocean and we are officially allowed to use there music in our video.

Lyric with Timings (by Mary)

Lyrics with timings

I'm writing these confessions to you (00.00 - 00.07)
I'm writing these confessions to you (00.11 - 00.16)

Oh wont you hold my hand, and take me to the other side (00.19 - 00.28)
Well I want to see you, I want to see with my own eyes (00.29 - 00.37)

I'm writing these confessions to you (00.39 - 00.46)
I'm writing these confessions to you (00.49 - 00.56)

Oh wont you hold my hand, and take me to the other side (00.59 - 00.28)
Well I want to see you, I want to see with my own eyes (00.19 - 01.06)

I'm writing these confessions to you (01.19 - 01.27)
I'm writing these confessions to you (00.28 - 00.27)

So wont you hold my hand, and take me to the other side (01.38 - 01.46)
Well I want to you, yeah I want to see with my own.. (01.48 - 01.55)
Eyes (01.55 - 01.57)

(Guitar solo) (01.57 - 02.38)

I'm writing these confessions to you (02.38 - 02.46)
I'm writing these confessions to you (02.48 - 02.56)

So wont you take me hand and take me to the other side (02.58 - 03.07)
Well I want to see you, I want to see with my own.. (03.08 - 03.13)
Eyes (03.15 - 03.17)
Eyes (03.17 - 03.19)
I want to see with my own eyes (03.21 - 03.26)
Oh Oh (03.27 - 03.30)
I want to see with my own eyes (03.32 - 03.36)

Monday, 6 December 2010

Hassle Records

Hassle records is an independent record label specialising in rock, punk and emo music. They use the distributor PIAS. There business is reliant on the larger bands and allows any small band to send demos.  [more]  

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Background on We Are The Ocean (by Mary)

  • We Are the Ocean are a 5 piece composed of Dan Brown, Liam Cromby, Jack Spence, Alfie Scully, Tom Whittaker.
  • They are a post hardcore band from London and Harlow, Essex, England.
  • They have played with You Me At Six, The Used, The Blackout, Fightstar, Funeral For A Friend, Underoath, Lostprophets, My American Heart, Kids In Glass Houses, From First To Last, The Medic Droid, Brigade, Saving Aimee, Tonight Is Goodbye and Furthest Drive Home.
  • The band used viral marketing (Myspace) to promote there music. Soon after, they were nominated for Kerrang! Best British Newcomer and voted K! Readers Poll 2nd best unsigned UK band.
  • When they released there debut EP 'We Are The Ocean' in 2008, they sold all 1000 copies in 1 day.
  • They have had 6 singles released
  • sections and information from Hassle Records and Wikipedia

Year Song Title Album

2007 "Nothing Good Has Happened Yet" We Are the Ocean
2009 "God Damn Good" We Are The Ocean
2010 "Look Alive" Cutting Our Teeth
2010 "These Days, I Have Nothing" Cutting Our Teeth
2010 "All Of This Has To End" Cutting Our Teeth
2010 "Lucky Ones" Cutting Our Teeth Deluxe Edition

"We Are The Ocean are set to re-release their epic debut album 'Cutting Our Teeth' on October 4th as a special 2 disc reissue.

Disc 1 is the full album 'Cutting Our Teeth' exactly as it was first time around, while disc 2 is four brand new recorded songs (with Jason Wilcock at Stakeout Studios), 2 b-sides and the 7 tracks featured on the much loved debut EP, which sold out in a day upon its 2008 (self) release.

Along with the reissue, WATO will also be selling a book to accompany the re-release entitled '3 Years', which documents the life of the young band so far. They talk about their proudest, funniest and wildest moments, as well as tour memories, what its been like playing all over the world with a debut album, how they all met and what its been like growing up together. They also list every show they’ve ever played and include never seen before photo's of the band on the road. The book will be available online, through the band's webstore and the Hassle Records webstore, as well as at the live shows on the forthcoming UK headline tour."

Disc 1 – Cutting Our Teeth

1. Look Alive
2. Our Days Are Numbered
3. All Of This Has To End
4. Confessions
5. These Days, I Have Nothing
6. Don't Take Chances
7. (I'll Grab You By The) Neck Of The Woods
8. Are You Proud Of Me Now
9. I Used To Be So Much More
10. This Is Called My Home

Disc 2 – New Tracks, the Self Released EP and B-sides

1. Get Out While You Can (new)
2. Lucky Ones (new)
3. Waiting (new)
4. Playing My Heart (new)
5. Cutting Our Teeth (b-side)
6. Drag Me Down (b-side)
7. Don't Be Careless (self-titled ep)
8. Nothing Good Has Happened Yet (self-titled ep)
9. Welcome To My Broken Home (self-titled ep)
10. Ready For The Fall (self-titled ep)
11. (I've Never Felt This) God Damn Good (self-titled ep)
12. Days (self-titled ep)
13. Save Me! Said The Saviour (self-titled ep)

More [Wiki]

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Genre Research - Sum 41

Sum 41 is a canadian rock band formed in 1996. They have worked with the labels Island records a subsidiary of UMG.

In Too Deep [LINK]
  • This video is an intertextual refference to the 1986 film Back to School [IMDB]
  • The use of semi naked men is to appeal to the female gaze
  • The video stereotypically represents youths as being mischievous
  • We see a diving compitition where professional divers compete against the band
  • The band perform within the diagetic world of the narrative inside an empty pool
  • The use of cutting out the pool in the long shot of the people diving to begin with is to create narrative enigma
Pieces [LINK]
  • In this video we unconventionally don't see the band performing only the lead singer singing in a chair and as he walks down the street
  • We see moments from the protaganists past in a half open lorry with titles begining with "The Perfect..."  around the scenes 
  • The people inside the lorry are always attractive and female to apeal to the male gaze 

Genre Research - Aiden

Aiden is an american rock band from Seattle who formed in 2003. They have  worked with Dead Teenager Records as well as Victory Records and Unfun Records which are all independent labels.

We sleep forever [LINK]
  • Once again in this video we see the band performing in the diagetic world of the narrative and there is a theme of horror signified by the blue filter
  • There is an intertextual reference to the movie Pride of Chuckie as we see lots of dolls murdering people signified by the mise en scene of blood
  • This is a performance and narrative video
One Love [LINK]

  • This video begins in black and white as a girl walks up to a coffin as the lead singer steps out of the coffin the scene becomes overly bright colour
  • This is a concept video because it is so bizarre
  • We then see a black bodybuilder dancing with the young girl
  • We also see a crosss dresser to apeal to the male gaze putting lipstick on the lead singer
  • Ther band perform within the diagetic world on the hill where the coffin was found

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Genre Research - Young Guns

Young Guns are an english alternative rock band who formed in 2009. Out of their 6 singles they have worked with director Lawrence Hardy twice.

Winter Kiss [LINK]
  • This video begins with a tracking shot where the mise en scene is verry black and we track up to a tudor stately home as an intertextual reference to the establishing shots used in most horror films
  • This is intercut with shots of a guy going to bed
  • The band perform within the diagetic world of the narrative as we see them play within the stately home
  • As is conventional to the performance we see flashing lights although this is made more relevant to the narrative because the lights look like house lights and the switch off to black as if the house is haunted
  • In the narrative we see a girl kissing this guy dressed in a white nighty to appeal to the male gaze however the man sits up and she appears faded out in opacity signifying she is a ghost
Weight of the World [LINK]
  • This is a performance based video the video once again begins with an establishing shot this time of a railway track
  • The perfromance appears to be in english moors signifying the men are tough however the shots of the lead singer are slightly high angle signifying vulnerability.

Genre Research - Finch

This band is a post hardcore band from California formed in 1990 and reformed in 2007. They began with the record company Drive Thru Records which is a California based inpedpentent company. They later had the record label MCA which became the Universal Music Group. They have also worked with Geffen Records who worked with Cher.

Letters To You [LINK]
  • The narrative of this video is a concept although in the second shot we do see a letter.
  • The narrative begins with a boy in a mask the boy finds a letter saying help me above a grate, he goes into the grate and finds a msn knelt by a bath with his hands in it the preffered reading of this is that he strangled somone. The rest of the narrative follows the boy as he gets chased by the man in the end shot we see the man with the mask signifying the boy has been killed.
  • The band perform in the diagetic world of the narrative in one shot we see an over the shoulder shot of the murderer looking through a floorboard at the band
Bitemarks And Bloodstains [LINK]
  • This video begins with the notion of looking as we see a point of view shot of a fussy television screen then see the man looking at it
  • Everyone packs there bags puts them in a car fumbling around with a lot of bags and drives off

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

We are the Ocean - Confessions Lyrics

 I'm writing these confessions to you
As in all songs the lyrics are polysemic because the word confessions could include anything. We've decided that we will not therefore show the confessions. We have also decided that the protaganist will be female to help us appeal to the male gaze and signify innocence and vulnerability of the character as a feminist denotation of this. A post feminist denotation would be that the protaganist in the video is running away by choice and showing her feminine freedom. We realise that it is unconventional to have a male singing voice displaying a female protaganist but we wanted to signify these traits. 

Therefore we initially decide that the shot will show an extreme close up shot of the female protaganist writing this would then pan up to an extreme close up of the protaganist with a tear in her eye. This would signify intense emotion and get the audience to sympathise with the protaganist. 

She would be wearing a white dress both to appeal to the male gaze and to signify her innocence as from I Don't Love You by My Chemical Romance. However unlike this video the actor we have chosen has short brown hair this could signify as an opositional reading that she is a lesbian or the preffered reading that the character is a rebeliouse. To lead the audience away from the opositional reading into the preffered reading we will signify previouse relationships by having her reaching out to boys she thinks she sees in the street. The dress could signify a wedding. Therefore to anchor the preffered reading and to both stick to the codes and conventions and appeal to the male gaze we will use a serial aspect to the video by not making up the hair of the protaganist and placing her in a street. Essentially we are using the types of feminist crtiique costumes an artist like Lady Ga Ga would although perhaps not as extreme. We want to signify the protaganist is both displaying herself to get the song to sell but also a free untouchable lady.

I'm writing these confessions to you 
For this shot we intend to have the protaganist looking up at the mirror as a question of her identity such as in the Eminem video not affraid. She would post the note on the mirror and sing to the mirror holding her hand up against the mirror and touching it. 

All of the time the lighting would be very low key such as in the Leona Lewis video Light Up where the frame fades to black at the edges.
Oh wont you hold my hand, and take me to the other side
Once again there is a great deal of polysemy as to the meaning of the lyric "the other side" it could mean the other side of death, the other side of life or even the other side of the street. We want to leave it polysemic although the side of death seems to be signified.

We will therefore show the protaganist trying to hold the hand of a boy. The boy could be a band member. As she goes to hold there hand they will dissapeare. This will be done using Final Cut  

Well I want to see you, I want to see with my own eyes
Similarly to the scene where she is naked in the Lady Ga Ga video and the Flash dance video we will show a high angle shot of the protaganist colapsing to the floor and holding her eyes in tears on the floor.

I'm writing these confessions to you
Similarly to most rock music videos we would therefore here show the performance side of the video. To signify the band is non diagetic to the narrative we would use a flash cut. The shot  would be a two shot showing the lead singer in a low angle shot with the guitarist. This would track side ways around the lead singer.

Oh wont you hold my hand, and take me to the other side
We see a a low angle shot of the lead guitarist then a close up shot of him holding the guitar to get the mise en scene to match the lyric.

Well I want to see you, I want to see with my own eyes
We see a close up shot of the lead singer then an extreme close of of his eyes. The shot fades to black to signify a break away from the performance.

I'm writing these confessions to you
Like in the short film Runaway by Kanye West we will here see an extreme long shot which tracks backwards as the protaganist runs towards her. The protaganist will have bags with her to signify she is moving away perminantly.

I'm writing these confessions to youWe will then see a point of view short of him running across vast open spaces.

So wont you hold my hand, and take me to the other sideLike in the Pieces video by Sum 41 we will here see images from the protaganists past. She will reach out to touch them and they will fade away.

Well I want to you, yeah I want to see with my own..Here she will meet a river and there will be a flash cut to signify the change in diagesis.

(Guitar solo)
There will be a low angle shot signifying the band are powerfull of the lead guitarist playing the guitar. This will be intercut with a tracking medium long shot and an extreme close up of him on his guitar.
I'm writing these confessions to youHere we will see a long tracking shot of him running down a street when all of a sudden he will meet a wall.

I'm writing these confessions to youLike in the Brokeback Mountain scene here we will see her punching the wall and breaking down in a long shot from the side.
So wont you take me hand and take me to the other sideAn over the shoulder shot him looking at the other side of train tracks

Well I want to see you, I want to see with my own..
I want to see with my own eyes
Oh Oh
I want to see with my own eyes
He will sit on a wall a train will go by and he will dissapear after the train has left

Monday, 29 November 2010

Genre Research - A day to Remember

 This is a metalcore band founded in 2003. They were originally signed to Idianola Records which is an independent hardcore label. They then moved onto Victory Records which is a conglomerate of smaller independent record labels. They worked with Fearless records an independent punk record label.

The Plot Bomb Panhandle [LINK]
  • In this videe we see the performance side of the video which is diagetic and performed on the se of the concept
  • In the concept we see an old lady, a man in a suit signifying a worker, a asian looking man in a karate outfit and a fat wrestler signified by the wrestling mask all come together in a dance studio and seem to get taught a martial art by the asian man
  • This brings humour because the characters shown are archetypal stereotypes of minority communities in the same area
   Have Faith in Me [LINK]
  • In this video the performance is non diagetic to the narrative and in a pitch black room the performers are wearing black but this performance is 2:00 of 3:10 although towards the end the narrative people enter the performance world
  • In the narrative we see many two shots of a man and a woman to signify a relationship between
  • The narrative is socialy realistic as signified by the casual clothing

Genre Research - + 44

+ 44 are an alternative rock band fromed from the Blink 182 members Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker [wiki]. Interscope Records was who they signed up with in 2006 a subsidiary of UMG. In 2007 they moved onto Myspace records also a subsidiary of UMG and Fearless records an independent label.

When Your Heart Stops Beating   [LINK]

  • The band a wearing casual clothing and have short hair
  • They are playing in a warehouse with lots of grafety on the walls
  • The video begins with a point of view low angle shot follwing the band walking in the warhouse this signifies social realism
  • The use of shots of a girl getting undressed in a bed with another man stereotypically appeals to the male gaze and shows the feminist point of view that these girls are in to purely to sell the song 
  • Every cut is a wipe cut to signify the whole piece is one shot therefore real
155 [LINK]
  • This is a performance based video in which the camera has a birds eye lens to signify the camera is a point of view shot of a fly
  • The shots include low angle shots of the band to signify they are powerfull
  • This is intercut with black and white shots of the band in the dressing room to once again signify realism
A key branded image that appears in both these videos is the topless drummer who is heavily tatood and the man with the purple moheeken this would normally signify punk rock which is another genre the band works in

Another key motif is the company logo

Narrative Side of the Video

A girl is packing her bag in a hurry running away from home. The chorus comes in and she is

The Perfromance Side of the Video

The band will wear casual emo clothing this inlucedes skinny jeans, shirts with comic images checked shirts either bright colours or black genreally quite tight. They will have a set of drums 2 guitars a microphone and a stand. This will be set in Lucy's garage.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Alternative Rock

Alt rock began in the 1980's and became popular in the 1990's. It was born from indie music and Britpop.

Our Lady Peace - Starseed [LINK]
  • This is a video with a sepia filter over it to signify honesty from the footage and that the footage may be old
  • The band are dressed in casual clothing with short hair to appeal to 16-24 year old audiences
  • They perform both in the countryside and in a crampt room
  • They appear to be meditating in a Budhist temple a stereotypical representation of this religion

Idea Draft 2

My idea for the song was to have a blind man writing his will. Whilst we see shots of him in bed commiting assisted suicide. The band would also perform in a crampt dark space to signify the head of the blind man.

Group Idea Draft 1

Our group Idea was to have the songe Confessions by We are the Ocean

Our idea was to have a girl writing a not as to why she's running away. She packs her bag runs away to nowhere. Meanwhile shots of the band are intergrated between this performance this will be in a garage.

Alternative Rock

Alternative Rock

This begun in the 1980's and became popular in the 1990's it comes from indie music and britpop.

Heavy Metal Summary

Heavy metal music is characterised by the screaching guitars and banging drums and sometimes screaming vocals

Heavy metal music videos nearly al have an aspect of performance in them. They all show a long shot often long angle shot of the whole band performing. This would be intergrated with extreme close up shots to show off the bands instrumental talent.  The shots would allways be tracking in some way. The convention is to have the band perfoming on a stage under flashing lights although many videos have broken this convention.

The conventional heavy metal image is to have long hair and to wear black jeans and a black shirt. However Glam metal in its metrosexual clothing and Nu metal in its casual clothing break this convention. Rarely do we see women portrayed as powerfull in the band they are generally portrayed as sex objects. although a post feminist may argue against this. The band are also always white.

Viking Metal

Chris Lawrence Viking Metal Presentationl
The point I made about the viking costume being metrosexual isn't correct the costumes are to reflect to genre of the music and to show the notion of looking
Women in this sub genre were not portrayted as the sex objects that would be stereotypical to Glam Metal

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Glam Metal

 Glame Metal began inb the 1970's key bands include Kiss and Gun's and Roses
The Darkness - Christmas Time [LINK]
  • This video contains many intertextual references to other christmas music videos because it is in a log cabin in the snow this is an intertextual link to the Wham video [LINK]
  • Stereotypically to heavy metal the band are shown in one low angle long shot perfroming there intrments to signify their power and show off their instimental ability
  • However countertypically the band aren't dressed in black
Queen - 'Bohemian Rhapsody' [LINK]
  • In this video we see the stereotypical to heavy metal see low angle tracking shots of the band performing
  • We see cross fade shots of each band member perfroming around darnkness which we then see them in a group of four
  • We also see lots of flashing low key lighting and the mise en scene of large open silver jump suits is the convention of this genre

Grunge Metal

Grunge Metal began in Seatle in the Mid 1980's [wiki]

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun [LINK]
  • The performers are dressed in casual clothing and perform on a patch of grass infront of a blue sky
  • The canted streched angle makes the perfomance seem strange
  • We see lots of canted angle colourfull shots of body builders doing press ups, animals drinking milk, and a cuple in a bathroom with the female dressed skimpily to apeal to the male gaze
Pearl Jam- Jeremy [LINK]
  • This is a performance based video although it is in black and white
  • Like most other performance based videos it uses lots of cross fades, close ups, long shots and tracking shots
  • The band are stereotypically dressed in black  with long hair
Niravana - Smells Like Teen Spirit [LINK]
  • This is a performance based video
  • The band are unconventionally dressed casually
  • There are cheerleaders to apeal to the male gaze and to play with the idea of teenage popularity
  • The use of a sepia colour filter signifies the school is dry and drab and inpleasant to be in

Thrash Metal

Thrash Metal is like Heavy metal but with a faster tempo and agression it began in the 1980's and key bands include Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer. [WIKI]

Metalica - Fade to Black [LINK]
  • In this video we see lots of cross fades, flashing lights, long shots of the band, close ups of their instumental talent and the camera is always moving
  • The artists are stereotypically dressed in black with long hair
Anthrax - Belly of the Beast [LINK]
  • In this video the performers once again have long curly hair and are wearing black
  • It begins with a POV shot of the lead singer looking out to the crowd
  • It then Shows them grafitying a wall and in a bus
Anthrax Madhouse

Nu Metal

Nu metal is the mix of rap grunge metl and hip hop and heavy metal key bands include Linkin Park and Papa Roach it began in  1994 in claifornia.

Linp Bizkit - Break Stuff [LINK]

  • This is a perfomrance based video
  • There is a fixed low angle camera to signify stereotypically the rappers as powerfull
  • This appeals to a teenage audience 12-18 because of the use of a skate park
  • The shots cut to show lots of different people performing the song such as Eminem and Snoop Dog
Korn - Word Up [LINK]
  • In this video the bands faces are layered onto the faces of dogs
  • Therefore we see lots of points of view shots from the dogs perspective
  • They go to a club and and they use ladies in bikinis as is stereotypical to rap videos an illustration of the feminist view that naked ladies a put in purley to apeal to the male gaze 

Nu Metal

Nu metal began in 1994 in California and is the combination of rap and heavy metal young 12-16 teenage audiences are its target audience.

Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff

Monday, 22 November 2010

Plastic Stars - Frezepop Music Video Idea

Plastic Stars is a synth pop track

A girl is playing a doll. Another girl is looking after her. The narrative begins with her getting out of bed she brushes her hair. Dresses her put makeup on her. Takes her out shopping. Takes her to work. Then takes her back home. Undresses her. Takes her makup off her. Puts her in bed and cuddles in close to her in bed.

The performance side of the video involves the two characters perfoming together. They are in a small picture box set. The instruments are replaced with shopping bags for guitars. Iron boards for violins. Hair brushes for microphones. And frying pans for drums. There is lots of jump cuts used on the beat of the music.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

More Electropop

We are the robots- Kraftwork [LINK]
  • This is a performance based video
  • The robots in orange stay perfectly still and rigid while the play the instuments
  • They are all dressed in orange with slick back hair to signify that they are robots
The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar
  • This video is just one shot which I wouldn't be able to do because it is just one shot
  • However I like the idea of seeing something every beat

The Saturdays - Just Cant Get Enough
  • This is a video in which we conventionally see all the band members perfoming different individual roles
  • They are dressed in lingerie to appeal to the male gaz
  • They are stereotypiucally in the feminist view naked to sell their song and they are portrayed as uselesss because they are worrying about their weight as signifies as we see one on weighing scales

Michel Gondry Videos

Kylie Minogue - Come Into my world [LINK]
  • This is one shot in which pans round and round
  • Kylie walks through different street scenarioes
  • As she complites a revolution one of each character inlcuding Kylie is added to the video
  • Eventualy there are 4 kylies walking around together
Light and Day - Polyphonic Spree [LINK]
  • This begins with a man looking through a window
  • He goes to the beach
  • He meets with a girl
  • The video then follows many scenarioes involving there relationship
  • There mouths are dubed over there faces so it appears exagerated
  • Suddenly everything begins to move like a mouth would
La Ville - Oui Oui [LINK]

  • A man falls through a colourfull animated tunnel signifying he is on a drug trip
  • Everyone has afros and is orange
  • They dance in fromation in a long shot in front of an animated street

Friday, 29 October 2010


Electro Pop is a form of Synthpop which flurished from 1978 to 1983 also called technopop and often involves drums as well as a synthesiser.







Jupiter Rising - Electropop [LINK]


  •  This is a performance based video
  • The frame is stretched like a movie just to the centre
  • This is R and B electro pop
  • They rap infront of expensive care with bright clothes and lots of jewlery
  • The female singer is seen taking a photoshoot to appeal to the male gaze

Peaches - F*** the Pain Away [LINK]

  • This is a video in which the female is dressed skimpily and dancing around the men to appeal to the male gaze
  • You could say this is an example of sexism but a post feminist would say she is clearly dominating her environment with a chosen instead of forced action
  • The footage appears black and white to signify shes new and the men are uptight and old fashioned The videos in this genre are the same as in synthpop this genre only reffers to an era of Synthpop
This genre of music is no different from Synthpop because it is only an ere of it therefore the videos are no different

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


"Synthpop is a genre of music in which the synthesizer is the dominant musical instrument." [WIKI]

Duran Duran - Rio [LINK]
  • Shows many extreme close ups of womens body parts to appeal to the male gaze and stereotypically as a feminist would say objectifies the women as sex objects. 
  • The woman are wearing verry bright and contrasting colours
  • The notion of looking is shown by the use of split screen effects 
  • We see many low angle long shots on th boat to signify the men are powerfull
  • The video uses a few canted angles too the preffered reading of this is that it signifies a strange dream like state 
Yolanda Be Cool - We No Speak Americano [LINK]
  • This is techno, electro, synthesised, house music crossed with latino jazz
  • The video takes on the theme of an old silent comedy film and denotes this by the use of serif typography, black glowing framing, 1920's period costumes and speeded up walking exagerated footage
  • The video follows the narrative of a man trying to win over the woman
  • The shots of the woman are medium shots of her breasts to appeal to the male gaze although a post feminist would say it is a device simply to signify the love the portaganist feels towards her
  • The fact she is ginger signifies she is an outsider
  • The shots are mainly long shots of a wooden shack with different scenrarios happening in front of it to signify the stupidity of the characters involved although we see other types of shots when the mood and pace of the music changes
Freezepop Forever - Frezepop [LINK
  • An animation throughout
  • Each frame is to the beat of the music
  • Contains very bright colours
  • Contains squares that fill the space
  • The typography writes on as the singer says it 
  •  Video follows the energy of the music so for example if it sounds old fashioned the video looks old fashioned if it sounds game like the video looks like a game or animation
  • Lots of editing effects and animation such as flash vuts
  • Lots of virbant colours
  • A sense of falseness and bizzareness within the video's

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Disco Power Ballads

Disco power ballads are ballads with synthesisers and guitars and are made in the 1970's. They are slow paced, poetic and emotional as with most ballads. 

Charlene-Ive Never Been to Me [LINK]
  • Contains her walking around a mansion alone which signifies she is A social class and is lonely
  • The white flowing dress signifies inocence
  • The use of the oval shpe video in the centre of a white fram signifies a wedding photo book signifying the meaning of the narrative.
Rose Royce - Love don't live here anymore [LINK]
  • Is a performance based video of soul disco pop
  • It is dreamy as signify by the use of cross fades, bright colours and a sparkely frame
  • As with heavy metal the video extentuates the intremental tallent of the musicians focusing on the lead singer within the frame and using lots of tracking and 360 degree shots
  • The female lead is dressed to appeal to the male gaze and the black man stereotypically has an afro and large colar to appeal to moder teenage audiences and fashions of the time
Olivia Newton John - Hopelessly devoted to you [LINK]
  • Performance based video
  • Her in blue light signifies sadness and coldness
  • Cobewebs signify age and is an interextual reference the Lady Havisham
  • Dressed in fashions of the time
  • Flowing dressk, cross fades and close ups signify emotionality
  • At the end the fram stilled before it faded out
Summary of Videos
  • A sense of dreamyness
  • 1 set character nomarlly alone
  • Flowing dresses and scenic sets
  • Pink, blue , purple and white colours

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Power Ballads

Power Ballads :

  • produce slow tempo songs often building to a loud and emotive chorus
  • backed by drums 
  • piano
  • electric guitars 
  • soulfull
  • sometimes choirs [LINK]
Gary Balow - Forever Love [LINK]

  • The protaganist gets up and out of bed alone in black and white this is to signify that the video is sad, romantic and serious he is lonely.
  • We see many different types of coupels signified as couples by the use of a two shot
  • The lesbians and homesexuals shown are stereotypically good looking whith the lesbians in fish net stokings to appeal to the male gaze and the gay couple dancing with makeup on so that they can easily be identified in the short shots. This is an argument for post modernism because although this is a serious song it still is portraying the woman and stereotypes in order to sell the song. However a post feminist would say that the display of the range of couples is in support of free choice.
  • The binary oposites of the young couple kissing and the old couple kissing are to exagerate there difference and make the audience sympathise with both. It could  in a negotiated reading also make them disgusted by putting the old couple last but due to the gentle non diagetic music leads to the preffered reading to sympathise with the old couple.
  • This is a narrative based video

Michael Jackson - You are not Alone  [LINK]
  • This is a performance based video with the progressive concept of Michael and a woman intergrated
  • The woman and Michael appear naked surrounded by pillars there genitals covered by sheets this signifies that are Greek gods and appeals to the male and female gaze
  • The use of the two shots of them naked together signifies they are in a relationship and have just had sex
  • The warming lighting colours signifies the characters are content and confortable and that the environment is peacfull. Using the commutation test if the lighting was low key or in complete blackout it would signify fear and heavy metal
  • The use of the empty theatre Michael appears to be singing in reflects the lyric of the song "alone"
  • There is slow paced aditing because it is a slow paced song with lots of cross fades
  • Michael uses slow expressive arm gestures   
Westlilfe - You Raise Me Up [LINK]
  • Is in black and white to signify sadness and seriousness
  • The Gary Barlow song Forever Love is an intertectual reference to this video
  • The difference in this video is that the couples are only straight couples and the video fails to represent sexuality
  • We do however still see an old couple  

Monday, 20 September 2010


I let the Music Speak by Abba is a Murder Ballad a Ballad is "a form of verse, often a narrative set to music." Types of Ballads include:

Robbie Williams and Gary Balow - Shame
  • This is a folk ballad
  • Two men looking at each other and in two shots signifies that they are both gay
  • We see them both taking there shirt off together which leads the audience into the preffered reading that they are about to have sex however they dont
  • Towards the end they are both about to jump off a cliff into water but decide not to this signifies that they are both metrosexuals
  • The non diagetic guitar is an intetextual reference to brokeback mountain and laundry room and denim outfit worn by robbie is and intertextual reference to the first gay story on Eastenders
  • We see them performing in what appears to be a karaoke in the pub as well as the narrative of them meeting up
  • Using the commutation test and binary oposite if the two men were dressed in black jeans with long hair they would signify heavy metal artists but instead they are wearing blue jeans and have short hair which although less gothic is less metrosexual to signify that these men aren't gay. However there is an  argument that the costumes are an intertextual reference to films such as Brokeback Mountain.The shirtlessness appeals to the female gaze.

Leona Lewis - Run
  • This is a rock ballad
  • The use of the oval shaped window with a black border signifies sadness 
  • The fact we see the artist alone in a rural area in the moors and in a forrest signifies loneliness
  • The use of the black dress in to exentuat Leona's bust and appeal to the male gaze showing how although this is a deep song it still has elements of post modenism. A post feminist would say that she is showing confidence and chosing to dress like that. Although a feminist would say that the song portrays a vulnerable character therefore the dress doesn't fit the song and the only reason she is dressed like that is to appeal to the male gaze and sell the song
  • The notion of looking is shown in the last shot where she looks direectly at the camera
Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight

  • The notion of looking is shown by the slow focus up and light fade up in as phil collins face is revealed looking in an extreme close up at the camera
  • This is a concept based video with elements of performance
  • It is a power ballad
  • The progression of the concept about life development narrative is signified by the use of the empty room and infinate corridor with many doors
  • The use of slow cross fades signifies a dream like state
Summary of What Ballad Video's Commonly Include
  • Mainly narrative based although they can be concept based too all with parts of performance
  • Emotional and slow
  • Lots of cross fades and medium close up to close up shots
  • A panoramic setting shown with long shots to signify the mood of the music so for example Robbie Williams had a waterfall because that song was a happy song about friendship whilst Leona Lewis had a rural setting because it signified loneliness and the song was verry sad
  •  Costume and Mise en Scene is coloured and light to reflect the mood of the song
  • The notion of looking to either connect with the audience or signify a relationship