Thursday, 11 November 2010

Michel Gondry Videos

Kylie Minogue - Come Into my world [LINK]
  • This is one shot in which pans round and round
  • Kylie walks through different street scenarioes
  • As she complites a revolution one of each character inlcuding Kylie is added to the video
  • Eventualy there are 4 kylies walking around together
Light and Day - Polyphonic Spree [LINK]
  • This begins with a man looking through a window
  • He goes to the beach
  • He meets with a girl
  • The video then follows many scenarioes involving there relationship
  • There mouths are dubed over there faces so it appears exagerated
  • Suddenly everything begins to move like a mouth would
La Ville - Oui Oui [LINK]

  • A man falls through a colourfull animated tunnel signifying he is on a drug trip
  • Everyone has afros and is orange
  • They dance in fromation in a long shot in front of an animated street

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