Monday, 29 November 2010

Genre Research - A day to Remember

 This is a metalcore band founded in 2003. They were originally signed to Idianola Records which is an independent hardcore label. They then moved onto Victory Records which is a conglomerate of smaller independent record labels. They worked with Fearless records an independent punk record label.

The Plot Bomb Panhandle [LINK]
  • In this videe we see the performance side of the video which is diagetic and performed on the se of the concept
  • In the concept we see an old lady, a man in a suit signifying a worker, a asian looking man in a karate outfit and a fat wrestler signified by the wrestling mask all come together in a dance studio and seem to get taught a martial art by the asian man
  • This brings humour because the characters shown are archetypal stereotypes of minority communities in the same area
   Have Faith in Me [LINK]
  • In this video the performance is non diagetic to the narrative and in a pitch black room the performers are wearing black but this performance is 2:00 of 3:10 although towards the end the narrative people enter the performance world
  • In the narrative we see many two shots of a man and a woman to signify a relationship between
  • The narrative is socialy realistic as signified by the casual clothing

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