Sunday, 28 November 2010

Heavy Metal Summary

Heavy metal music is characterised by the screaching guitars and banging drums and sometimes screaming vocals

Heavy metal music videos nearly al have an aspect of performance in them. They all show a long shot often long angle shot of the whole band performing. This would be intergrated with extreme close up shots to show off the bands instrumental talent.  The shots would allways be tracking in some way. The convention is to have the band perfoming on a stage under flashing lights although many videos have broken this convention.

The conventional heavy metal image is to have long hair and to wear black jeans and a black shirt. However Glam metal in its metrosexual clothing and Nu metal in its casual clothing break this convention. Rarely do we see women portrayed as powerfull in the band they are generally portrayed as sex objects. although a post feminist may argue against this. The band are also always white.

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