Friday, 29 October 2010


Electro Pop is a form of Synthpop which flurished from 1978 to 1983 also called technopop and often involves drums as well as a synthesiser.







Jupiter Rising - Electropop [LINK]


  •  This is a performance based video
  • The frame is stretched like a movie just to the centre
  • This is R and B electro pop
  • They rap infront of expensive care with bright clothes and lots of jewlery
  • The female singer is seen taking a photoshoot to appeal to the male gaze

Peaches - F*** the Pain Away [LINK]

  • This is a video in which the female is dressed skimpily and dancing around the men to appeal to the male gaze
  • You could say this is an example of sexism but a post feminist would say she is clearly dominating her environment with a chosen instead of forced action
  • The footage appears black and white to signify shes new and the men are uptight and old fashioned The videos in this genre are the same as in synthpop this genre only reffers to an era of Synthpop
This genre of music is no different from Synthpop because it is only an ere of it therefore the videos are no different

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


"Synthpop is a genre of music in which the synthesizer is the dominant musical instrument." [WIKI]

Duran Duran - Rio [LINK]
  • Shows many extreme close ups of womens body parts to appeal to the male gaze and stereotypically as a feminist would say objectifies the women as sex objects. 
  • The woman are wearing verry bright and contrasting colours
  • The notion of looking is shown by the use of split screen effects 
  • We see many low angle long shots on th boat to signify the men are powerfull
  • The video uses a few canted angles too the preffered reading of this is that it signifies a strange dream like state 
Yolanda Be Cool - We No Speak Americano [LINK]
  • This is techno, electro, synthesised, house music crossed with latino jazz
  • The video takes on the theme of an old silent comedy film and denotes this by the use of serif typography, black glowing framing, 1920's period costumes and speeded up walking exagerated footage
  • The video follows the narrative of a man trying to win over the woman
  • The shots of the woman are medium shots of her breasts to appeal to the male gaze although a post feminist would say it is a device simply to signify the love the portaganist feels towards her
  • The fact she is ginger signifies she is an outsider
  • The shots are mainly long shots of a wooden shack with different scenrarios happening in front of it to signify the stupidity of the characters involved although we see other types of shots when the mood and pace of the music changes
Freezepop Forever - Frezepop [LINK
  • An animation throughout
  • Each frame is to the beat of the music
  • Contains very bright colours
  • Contains squares that fill the space
  • The typography writes on as the singer says it 
  •  Video follows the energy of the music so for example if it sounds old fashioned the video looks old fashioned if it sounds game like the video looks like a game or animation
  • Lots of editing effects and animation such as flash vuts
  • Lots of virbant colours
  • A sense of falseness and bizzareness within the video's