Friday, 25 March 2011

Extra Ancillary - CD Print

Here I have made the print that will go on the CD. I used the sign from the image below. I skewed its perspective using Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 and re-added the cut off top. I then used coral draw to get it to exact dimensions of 120mm diameter and cut out the middle to 15mm diameter. I then added the conventions for a CD print the CD number, a CD or DVD logo pluss the Hassle reocords logo and some copyright information with the copyright symbol. I have also added a WATO website link and used the Times New Roman theme to carry on the bands brand throughout the digipak as is conventional. I used that paticualar image because it both fit with the shape of a CD and fit with the theme of the music video which is about going round and round in circles of whether or not to run away. This is why music video repeates shots of her running away. It also carries on the isolated urban theme as is prominant in the video. Yet this image is still highly polysemic to create narrative enigma and draw audiences in.   

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Final Cut - with Extended Evaluation

A lower quality version without the clicking audio lays at the end of the document with explanation as to why this issue occured in the technology section.

Form of Music Video
A music video is the type of thing to be viewed on TV such as MTV or the internet such as YoutTube again and again. It is to sell the song the brand of the musician involved. Music Videos in general fit the beat and theme of the music by being concept, narrative or performance. I have the form of a performance integrated with narrative which follows a sad teenage romance theme.

Music Video Genre
The music behind the music video is alternative rock or post hardcore rock and appeals to the WATO audience 15-34. The teenage themes in the music video appeal to a secondary audience 12-14. The use of a shortly dressed girl appeals to the male gaze. The use of domestic violence scenes appeals to a male audience while the implied romance appeals to a female audience. We have used many intertextual references to other videos as explained in the treatment this draws in audiences from other bands.

Technology in Creating Music Video
This music video was created using final cut this made overlaying shots and applying effects easy.The clicking sound on the audio only occured in Final Cut and could not be solved I tried replacing the music but it didnt work so the only option was to lower the quality of the video by exporting it to iMovie and changing the audio there as you can see in the version below. An issue which occurred since the last evaluation video was finding a correctly named saved copy of the latest final cut file because final cut saves files as Version 4 copy copy copy for example and it became difficult to recognize which the latest version was. Another issue was the flickering on the performance footage this was overcome by cuting out the flicks and slowing the footage down as used in the Metallica Enter Sandman video [YTB].  Another issue was when I deleted a shot is finding another shot to fill the gap as often this would appeal as a black screen and with so many layers of footage it was difficult to notice where these gaps where. When shots were modified slower to pushed all the footage after it along so I had to modify the clips in another sequence. Another problem was with the HD camera's which made some of the eviction notice look yellowy but this wasn't an issue because audience feedback suggested that I didn't need the eviction notice.

Lower quality version without the clicking audio.

Ancillary 2 Magazine Advert with Extended Evaluation

Form of Magazine Advert

The magazine advert is to appear in a relevant magazine either a high end magazine such as Kerrang! or a smaller magazine such as the Big Cheese Magazine. The advert's size depends on the cost of advertising for example in Kerrang! this advert may only appear as a small box because its expensive to pay for more but in Big Cheese Magazine this may appear as a full page or a double page spread. I have made the image landscape to make it suitable for both purposes. The magazine adverts’ aim is to sell the product it does this with persuasive language I have used "Out Now!", a large polysemic image to create narrative enigma and draw the audience in and text to provide anchorage such as the HMV logo and the tour dates.

Magazine Advert Genre
As well as sticking to the forms of a magazine advert I have not deterred the we are the ocean audience by showing an image of them and using their brand title logo. This advert would be read by readers of alternative rock magazines such as Big Cheese which has an audience 15-34. The use of wonky text signifies rebellion and appeals to a youth audience. The image of the band live both signifies the meaning of the advert and draws in a secondary audience of people who go to live gigs but aren't necessarily fans of We Are the Ocean.

Technology in Creating Magazine Advert
I used Adobe Photoshop Elements to create this Magazine Advert using the same image from the digipaks and setting the canvas size to A4 and adding various text in Times New Roman the WATO house style text. I created the "Featuring Confessions" sticker using Adobe Flash CS3 and exported it as a JPEG image before importing it into Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Ancillary 1 Digipak with Extended Evaluation

Form of Digipak
I have included most importantly the title of the band as well as the title of the album. I have included further anchorage in the text and the sticker while still leaving the image of the digipak polysemic. I have also conventionally included the CD and DVD logo, the CD issue number, the bar code an iPhone code and track listings.

Digipak Genre
This digipak has a futurist image which appeals to older art enthusiasts 34-55 but yet doesn't deter the WATO audience by showing the fun brand image of the band and including tour information, extra footage and lyrics. The bands audience is 15-34. The images of the girl appeal to the male gaze. While this is a digipak so probably attracts audiences with money C1- D.

Technology in Creating Digipak
I have used the programme Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 to make the digipak. I made the image using by importing video to layers and increasing the saturation and turning down the opacity of each. I used the background eraser tool to conventionally blend in the logo's.


Ancillary Development and Evaluation - Use of Technology

Background eraser I used the background erasor tool to remove the boxes around the logo's.

I tried a different theme of futurism to make a moodier image to fit with the moodier featured song.

I overlayed the shots of the video so it followed the theme of this picture dog on a lead. I had to saturate the layers in order to make them more visible from the above layer. I turned the opacity down of the layers to make the following image.   

I did then merge the layers and cut them out to create moodier front and back covers.  I changed the hue to make them more blue and added a neon effect.  
However the feedback I recieved via email is that these digipaks were odd.  
I had also added more information to the inside the teacher liked this.

So I kept the inside design and changed the front and back design to the following
This makes it clearer to the audience that the album is a live album yet still remains polysemic. It fits better with the fun brand image the band have too. I made the WATO title larger to add more anchorage as to who is behind the album. These designs consequently changed the magazine advert too.
Notice the spelling mistake on the above back cover. Another issue was pixilation whith the images needing to be JPEG images the bitmap writing often looked unclear. I tried using Adobe Flash to make the product but this made the images such as the bar code which were exported from Photoshop Elements have a black border round them when printed. In the end the issue was solved by turning up the resolution and re
making the product.  

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Evaluation - Use of Technology



Please note the links list to the right.

Evaluation - Audience Feedback

Evaluation - Genre

Evaluation - Forms

A digipak should contain:
  • The band
  • The Album title
  • Anchorage as to whats inside yet some polysemy to draw the audience in
  • A track listing
  • A bar code
  • An issue number
  • A record company logo
  • A DVD/CD logo
A Digipak is For:
  • Buying in a shop or online
  • Standing out on the shelf or online
  • Appealing to the core audience
  • Drawing in as much secondary audiences as possible

I feel that I have met the forms of a digipak well since I have met all those criteria.

A magazine advert should contain: 
  • Polysemy to create narrative enigma and draw the audience in
  • Anchorage to inform the reader
  • An image of the digipak to show that is the item being sold
  • The band it comes from
  • The album title
  • Pursuasive language
  • Information on how, where, when to buy
A magazine advet is for:
  • Audiences flicking though a relevant magazine such as Kerrang or the Big Chees Magazine see earlier post [link]
  • Selling the product
  • Pursuading the reader to buy the product
  • Informing the reader how,where and when to buy the product
  • Entertaining the reader and creating a band brand to draw wide audiences in
Once again I feel as though I have met these criteria well

A music video should contain:
  • Shot variation
  • A fit to the rythm and pace of the music
  • A fit to the theme of the music
  • The band or singers where appropriate
  • None linear aspects and polysemy
  • Interesting mise en scene and shot angles
  • Variation of editing and shot types
A music video is for:
  • Viewing again and again on YouTube or a Music Video chanel
  • Entertainment
  • To advertise the song
  • To show the brand of the performer and appeal to the target audience
I feel I have met these criteria and have uploaded all my videos to YouTube

Evaluation - Combination of All 3 Products

The production of the Digipak, Magazine Advert and Music video would not normally be made by one company but by a series of subsidiaries.

In order to create the promotional package I have made sure the print texts have a common theme this is conventional as it helps sell the bands house style and therefore there brand.

Our core target audience for these print texts are fans of We are The Ocean tour goers which are 15-24 as shown by their following on facebook [link]. The bright colours and Pop Art theme both compliment the fashions of this type of fan and appeal to the older fans of this type of art 34-55. The iPhone code and HMV logo appeals to users of these which is 12-24. So as you can see I have tried not to deter the core audience but also introduce secondary audiences.

The music video once again has the core audience 15-24 as 2008 was the year the group formed. But the white dressed princess like female in issues of love appeals to a young audience 12-14. While the use of the male gaze and domestice violence being signified appeals to a much older audience 25-34. As you would need some money to buy all 3 texts I'd say it appeals to C1 to D classes.