Friday, 25 March 2011

Extra Ancillary - CD Print

Here I have made the print that will go on the CD. I used the sign from the image below. I skewed its perspective using Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 and re-added the cut off top. I then used coral draw to get it to exact dimensions of 120mm diameter and cut out the middle to 15mm diameter. I then added the conventions for a CD print the CD number, a CD or DVD logo pluss the Hassle reocords logo and some copyright information with the copyright symbol. I have also added a WATO website link and used the Times New Roman theme to carry on the bands brand throughout the digipak as is conventional. I used that paticualar image because it both fit with the shape of a CD and fit with the theme of the music video which is about going round and round in circles of whether or not to run away. This is why music video repeates shots of her running away. It also carries on the isolated urban theme as is prominant in the video. Yet this image is still highly polysemic to create narrative enigma and draw audiences in.   

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