Thursday, 24 March 2011

Final Cut - with Extended Evaluation

A lower quality version without the clicking audio lays at the end of the document with explanation as to why this issue occured in the technology section.

Form of Music Video
A music video is the type of thing to be viewed on TV such as MTV or the internet such as YoutTube again and again. It is to sell the song the brand of the musician involved. Music Videos in general fit the beat and theme of the music by being concept, narrative or performance. I have the form of a performance integrated with narrative which follows a sad teenage romance theme.

Music Video Genre
The music behind the music video is alternative rock or post hardcore rock and appeals to the WATO audience 15-34. The teenage themes in the music video appeal to a secondary audience 12-14. The use of a shortly dressed girl appeals to the male gaze. The use of domestic violence scenes appeals to a male audience while the implied romance appeals to a female audience. We have used many intertextual references to other videos as explained in the treatment this draws in audiences from other bands.

Technology in Creating Music Video
This music video was created using final cut this made overlaying shots and applying effects easy.The clicking sound on the audio only occured in Final Cut and could not be solved I tried replacing the music but it didnt work so the only option was to lower the quality of the video by exporting it to iMovie and changing the audio there as you can see in the version below. An issue which occurred since the last evaluation video was finding a correctly named saved copy of the latest final cut file because final cut saves files as Version 4 copy copy copy for example and it became difficult to recognize which the latest version was. Another issue was the flickering on the performance footage this was overcome by cuting out the flicks and slowing the footage down as used in the Metallica Enter Sandman video [YTB].  Another issue was when I deleted a shot is finding another shot to fill the gap as often this would appeal as a black screen and with so many layers of footage it was difficult to notice where these gaps where. When shots were modified slower to pushed all the footage after it along so I had to modify the clips in another sequence. Another problem was with the HD camera's which made some of the eviction notice look yellowy but this wasn't an issue because audience feedback suggested that I didn't need the eviction notice.

Lower quality version without the clicking audio.

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