Thursday, 3 March 2011

Evaluation - Forms

A digipak should contain:
  • The band
  • The Album title
  • Anchorage as to whats inside yet some polysemy to draw the audience in
  • A track listing
  • A bar code
  • An issue number
  • A record company logo
  • A DVD/CD logo
A Digipak is For:
  • Buying in a shop or online
  • Standing out on the shelf or online
  • Appealing to the core audience
  • Drawing in as much secondary audiences as possible

I feel that I have met the forms of a digipak well since I have met all those criteria.

A magazine advert should contain: 
  • Polysemy to create narrative enigma and draw the audience in
  • Anchorage to inform the reader
  • An image of the digipak to show that is the item being sold
  • The band it comes from
  • The album title
  • Pursuasive language
  • Information on how, where, when to buy
A magazine advet is for:
  • Audiences flicking though a relevant magazine such as Kerrang or the Big Chees Magazine see earlier post [link]
  • Selling the product
  • Pursuading the reader to buy the product
  • Informing the reader how,where and when to buy the product
  • Entertaining the reader and creating a band brand to draw wide audiences in
Once again I feel as though I have met these criteria well

A music video should contain:
  • Shot variation
  • A fit to the rythm and pace of the music
  • A fit to the theme of the music
  • The band or singers where appropriate
  • None linear aspects and polysemy
  • Interesting mise en scene and shot angles
  • Variation of editing and shot types
A music video is for:
  • Viewing again and again on YouTube or a Music Video chanel
  • Entertainment
  • To advertise the song
  • To show the brand of the performer and appeal to the target audience
I feel I have met these criteria and have uploaded all my videos to YouTube

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