Thursday, 24 March 2011

Ancillary 2 Magazine Advert with Extended Evaluation

Form of Magazine Advert

The magazine advert is to appear in a relevant magazine either a high end magazine such as Kerrang! or a smaller magazine such as the Big Cheese Magazine. The advert's size depends on the cost of advertising for example in Kerrang! this advert may only appear as a small box because its expensive to pay for more but in Big Cheese Magazine this may appear as a full page or a double page spread. I have made the image landscape to make it suitable for both purposes. The magazine adverts’ aim is to sell the product it does this with persuasive language I have used "Out Now!", a large polysemic image to create narrative enigma and draw the audience in and text to provide anchorage such as the HMV logo and the tour dates.

Magazine Advert Genre
As well as sticking to the forms of a magazine advert I have not deterred the we are the ocean audience by showing an image of them and using their brand title logo. This advert would be read by readers of alternative rock magazines such as Big Cheese which has an audience 15-34. The use of wonky text signifies rebellion and appeals to a youth audience. The image of the band live both signifies the meaning of the advert and draws in a secondary audience of people who go to live gigs but aren't necessarily fans of We Are the Ocean.

Technology in Creating Magazine Advert
I used Adobe Photoshop Elements to create this Magazine Advert using the same image from the digipaks and setting the canvas size to A4 and adding various text in Times New Roman the WATO house style text. I created the "Featuring Confessions" sticker using Adobe Flash CS3 and exported it as a JPEG image before importing it into Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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