Thursday, 3 March 2011

Evaluation - Combination of All 3 Products

The production of the Digipak, Magazine Advert and Music video would not normally be made by one company but by a series of subsidiaries.

In order to create the promotional package I have made sure the print texts have a common theme this is conventional as it helps sell the bands house style and therefore there brand.

Our core target audience for these print texts are fans of We are The Ocean tour goers which are 15-24 as shown by their following on facebook [link]. The bright colours and Pop Art theme both compliment the fashions of this type of fan and appeal to the older fans of this type of art 34-55. The iPhone code and HMV logo appeals to users of these which is 12-24. So as you can see I have tried not to deter the core audience but also introduce secondary audiences.

The music video once again has the core audience 15-24 as 2008 was the year the group formed. But the white dressed princess like female in issues of love appeals to a young audience 12-14. While the use of the male gaze and domestice violence being signified appeals to a much older audience 25-34. As you would need some money to buy all 3 texts I'd say it appeals to C1 to D classes.

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