Thursday, 17 March 2011

Ancillary Development and Evaluation - Use of Technology

Background eraser I used the background erasor tool to remove the boxes around the logo's.

I tried a different theme of futurism to make a moodier image to fit with the moodier featured song.

I overlayed the shots of the video so it followed the theme of this picture dog on a lead. I had to saturate the layers in order to make them more visible from the above layer. I turned the opacity down of the layers to make the following image.   

I did then merge the layers and cut them out to create moodier front and back covers.  I changed the hue to make them more blue and added a neon effect.  
However the feedback I recieved via email is that these digipaks were odd.  
I had also added more information to the inside the teacher liked this.

So I kept the inside design and changed the front and back design to the following
This makes it clearer to the audience that the album is a live album yet still remains polysemic. It fits better with the fun brand image the band have too. I made the WATO title larger to add more anchorage as to who is behind the album. These designs consequently changed the magazine advert too.
Notice the spelling mistake on the above back cover. Another issue was pixilation whith the images needing to be JPEG images the bitmap writing often looked unclear. I tried using Adobe Flash to make the product but this made the images such as the bar code which were exported from Photoshop Elements have a black border round them when printed. In the end the issue was solved by turning up the resolution and re
making the product.  

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