Thursday, 17 March 2011

Ancillary 1 Digipak with Extended Evaluation

Form of Digipak
I have included most importantly the title of the band as well as the title of the album. I have included further anchorage in the text and the sticker while still leaving the image of the digipak polysemic. I have also conventionally included the CD and DVD logo, the CD issue number, the bar code an iPhone code and track listings.

Digipak Genre
This digipak has a futurist image which appeals to older art enthusiasts 34-55 but yet doesn't deter the WATO audience by showing the fun brand image of the band and including tour information, extra footage and lyrics. The bands audience is 15-34. The images of the girl appeal to the male gaze. While this is a digipak so probably attracts audiences with money C1- D.

Technology in Creating Digipak
I have used the programme Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 to make the digipak. I made the image using by importing video to layers and increasing the saturation and turning down the opacity of each. I used the background eraser tool to conventionally blend in the logo's.


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