Thursday, 25 November 2010

Nu Metal

Nu metal is the mix of rap grunge metl and hip hop and heavy metal key bands include Linkin Park and Papa Roach it began in  1994 in claifornia.

Linp Bizkit - Break Stuff [LINK]

  • This is a perfomrance based video
  • There is a fixed low angle camera to signify stereotypically the rappers as powerfull
  • This appeals to a teenage audience 12-18 because of the use of a skate park
  • The shots cut to show lots of different people performing the song such as Eminem and Snoop Dog
Korn - Word Up [LINK]
  • In this video the bands faces are layered onto the faces of dogs
  • Therefore we see lots of points of view shots from the dogs perspective
  • They go to a club and and they use ladies in bikinis as is stereotypical to rap videos an illustration of the feminist view that naked ladies a put in purley to apeal to the male gaze 

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