Thursday, 25 November 2010

Grunge Metal

Grunge Metal began in Seatle in the Mid 1980's [wiki]

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun [LINK]
  • The performers are dressed in casual clothing and perform on a patch of grass infront of a blue sky
  • The canted streched angle makes the perfomance seem strange
  • We see lots of canted angle colourfull shots of body builders doing press ups, animals drinking milk, and a cuple in a bathroom with the female dressed skimpily to apeal to the male gaze
Pearl Jam- Jeremy [LINK]
  • This is a performance based video although it is in black and white
  • Like most other performance based videos it uses lots of cross fades, close ups, long shots and tracking shots
  • The band are stereotypically dressed in black  with long hair
Niravana - Smells Like Teen Spirit [LINK]
  • This is a performance based video
  • The band are unconventionally dressed casually
  • There are cheerleaders to apeal to the male gaze and to play with the idea of teenage popularity
  • The use of a sepia colour filter signifies the school is dry and drab and inpleasant to be in

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