Monday, 13 December 2010

We are the Ocean Existing Videos (Lucy)

All Of This Has To End [LINK]

  • Entirely performnce based
  • Lots of shot variation
  • An ageing effect and also different colour filters are used
  • Fast paced and quick moving camera work is also used.
  • The video is set in a warehouse. Items such as ladders, wires and lights are also visible throughout the video. This gives the video a raw edge and feeling to it.
Look Alive

  • A boy is in his bedroom laid on his bed, his mother then comes in and shouts at him. He then walks out of the house and she throws some pieces of paper at him.
  • It then cuts to a performance setting with quite a lively crowd. The video cuts back to this scene/ location throughout the video.
  • The same boy that was in the scene before appears walking through a park past a girl and a boy that are arguing. The attention then is taken off the boy and onto the couple and the girl eventually walks away. Slow motion is also used in this take.
  • Then the girl that was featured in the previous scene is shown walking past a garage where a boy is sat on a chair. He then goes and gets told off by his boss and then he walks out of his job.
  • During the performance aspect of the video very fast paced editing is used.
  • Green and blue filters are also used at some points during the chorus along with slow motion.
  • God Damn Good
  • A girl walks into a room, put on a vinyl record. The band then appear performing in that room. The room is quite dark and dimly lit.
  • The band are shown performing at several points throughout the video and sometimes it is just the lead singer on his own.
  • Aspect of romance included between the girl that was seen before and another man.
  • Fast paced editing which matches the genre of the band and song.
  • The lady then spikes the mans drink. He then proposes to her (she then regrets spiking his drink) and she drinks from the glass that she spiked and collapses, but narrative enigma is created because she could be possibly dead.

Nothing Good Has Happened Yet [LINK]
  • Performance in a warehouse and also with just 2 brick walls with graffiti.
  • Special editing effects are used and have been layered onto the footage in the post production stage.
  • Lots of close ups of the lead singer are used. Lots of shot variation is included as well, because it's an all performance video they need to grab and keep the attention of the audience.

These Days I Have Nothing [LINK]
  • The video is performance with a little bit of narrative and concept.
  • It starts with the lead singer picking up his mic then it fades out.
  • Then it fades back in with the rest of the band. They are playing against a fence with some barbed wire across the top of it.
  • It then cuts to a different setting, in the snow. Someone is walking along dressed in military uniform.
  • Slow motion and blurring effects have been used within the video
  • The military person walks into a house where he is greeted by a female (possibly his wife or girlfriend), they then embrace and other people go up to him to greet him.
  • He then gets angry because he can't cope.
  • Some other soldiers come into the house and take away the man, the female then falls to her knees and break's down.
  • It then fades out to black.
  • At the end of the video, quite a lot of narrative enigma is left for the audience for the audience because they don't know why the guy has been taken away etc.

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