Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Genre Research - Young Guns

Young Guns are an english alternative rock band who formed in 2009. Out of their 6 singles they have worked with director Lawrence Hardy twice.

Winter Kiss [LINK]
  • This video begins with a tracking shot where the mise en scene is verry black and we track up to a tudor stately home as an intertextual reference to the establishing shots used in most horror films
  • This is intercut with shots of a guy going to bed
  • The band perform within the diagetic world of the narrative as we see them play within the stately home
  • As is conventional to the performance we see flashing lights although this is made more relevant to the narrative because the lights look like house lights and the switch off to black as if the house is haunted
  • In the narrative we see a girl kissing this guy dressed in a white nighty to appeal to the male gaze however the man sits up and she appears faded out in opacity signifying she is a ghost
Weight of the World [LINK]
  • This is a performance based video the video once again begins with an establishing shot this time of a railway track
  • The perfromance appears to be in english moors signifying the men are tough however the shots of the lead singer are slightly high angle signifying vulnerability.

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