Thursday, 2 December 2010

Genre Research - Sum 41

Sum 41 is a canadian rock band formed in 1996. They have worked with the labels Island records a subsidiary of UMG.

In Too Deep [LINK]
  • This video is an intertextual refference to the 1986 film Back to School [IMDB]
  • The use of semi naked men is to appeal to the female gaze
  • The video stereotypically represents youths as being mischievous
  • We see a diving compitition where professional divers compete against the band
  • The band perform within the diagetic world of the narrative inside an empty pool
  • The use of cutting out the pool in the long shot of the people diving to begin with is to create narrative enigma
Pieces [LINK]
  • In this video we unconventionally don't see the band performing only the lead singer singing in a chair and as he walks down the street
  • We see moments from the protaganists past in a half open lorry with titles begining with "The Perfect..."  around the scenes 
  • The people inside the lorry are always attractive and female to apeal to the male gaze 

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