Thursday, 2 December 2010

Genre Research - Aiden

Aiden is an american rock band from Seattle who formed in 2003. They have  worked with Dead Teenager Records as well as Victory Records and Unfun Records which are all independent labels.

We sleep forever [LINK]
  • Once again in this video we see the band performing in the diagetic world of the narrative and there is a theme of horror signified by the blue filter
  • There is an intertextual reference to the movie Pride of Chuckie as we see lots of dolls murdering people signified by the mise en scene of blood
  • This is a performance and narrative video
One Love [LINK]

  • This video begins in black and white as a girl walks up to a coffin as the lead singer steps out of the coffin the scene becomes overly bright colour
  • This is a concept video because it is so bizarre
  • We then see a black bodybuilder dancing with the young girl
  • We also see a crosss dresser to apeal to the male gaze putting lipstick on the lead singer
  • Ther band perform within the diagetic world on the hill where the coffin was found

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