Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Genre Research - Finch

This band is a post hardcore band from California formed in 1990 and reformed in 2007. They began with the record company Drive Thru Records which is a California based inpedpentent company. They later had the record label MCA which became the Universal Music Group. They have also worked with Geffen Records who worked with Cher.

Letters To You [LINK]
  • The narrative of this video is a concept although in the second shot we do see a letter.
  • The narrative begins with a boy in a mask the boy finds a letter saying help me above a grate, he goes into the grate and finds a msn knelt by a bath with his hands in it the preffered reading of this is that he strangled somone. The rest of the narrative follows the boy as he gets chased by the man in the end shot we see the man with the mask signifying the boy has been killed.
  • The band perform in the diagetic world of the narrative in one shot we see an over the shoulder shot of the murderer looking through a floorboard at the band
Bitemarks And Bloodstains [LINK]
  • This video begins with the notion of looking as we see a point of view shot of a fussy television screen then see the man looking at it
  • Everyone packs there bags puts them in a car fumbling around with a lot of bags and drives off

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