Friday, 10 December 2010

Target Audience

The target Audience for Alternative rock is 15 - 24 this is our core audience. We intend on appealing to this audience by putting our band in casual fashionable emo clothing. Showing scenes depicting teenage struggle and therefore sympathizing with our audience. We have included a mixture of both boys and girls in our video idea to appeal to both genders with use of a dress and extreme close ups of the female protagonist to appeal to the male gaze.

Our secondary audience is either tweenagers 10-13 with the use of a girl in a dress walking around the street in a serial fairy tail setting. Another potential audience for this is 24-55 because we have appealed to the male gaze and the use of special effects makes a more interesting video.  It also appeals to this age groups because our researched bands we've taken intertextual references from have also taken intertextual references themselves from previous metal bands and other media. For example the video In Too Deep by Sum 41 is an intertextual reference to a 1986 film Back to School.

People that won't view our video our idea are the 55+ because our music and technology for exhibiting our product YouTube do not appeal to this audience. Also we use many adult themes such as suicide therefore it does not appeal to -10.

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