Thursday, 16 December 2010

Draft 3 Idea

Section 1 -  

  • Over the shoulder shots of the girl writing a note, mise-en scene of a girls bedroom, band poster, desk with a mirror on and school books etc.
  • Slow shots at the beginning. Nearer 1 or 2 seconds.
  • The girl is dressed in white, with pale skin and lots of eye make-up.
  • The girl packs her bag in a hurry
  • Walks through the house, there are broken plates, turned over furniture etc in the background.
  • Close up of the girls hand on the door handle as she is leaving.
  • Close-ups of the girls face with watering eyes.
  • Long shot of her running away from the house.
  • Shots from a car. 
  • Jumpy shots.

Section 2 - (guitar solo)

  • Close-ups of instruments. Fret boards, strings, microphones, bass drum etc.
  • Shots of her collapsing down - jump
  • Girl reaches out to people.
  • Backlit shots of the band playing.
  • Flashing lights
  • Urban night shots
  • High angle shots of her isolation, exposure and vulnerability etc. 
  • Low angle shot of the guitarist
  • Flashbacks of an argument?

Section 3 -

  • Have the ending of the girl sat on a wall, next shot is a train going past, then she is gone. Has she jumped into the tracks? Or has she walked off? Diagetic noise of the train.  Needs testing!
  • Performance shots.

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