Monday, 20 September 2010


I let the Music Speak by Abba is a Murder Ballad a Ballad is "a form of verse, often a narrative set to music." Types of Ballads include:

Robbie Williams and Gary Balow - Shame
  • This is a folk ballad
  • Two men looking at each other and in two shots signifies that they are both gay
  • We see them both taking there shirt off together which leads the audience into the preffered reading that they are about to have sex however they dont
  • Towards the end they are both about to jump off a cliff into water but decide not to this signifies that they are both metrosexuals
  • The non diagetic guitar is an intetextual reference to brokeback mountain and laundry room and denim outfit worn by robbie is and intertextual reference to the first gay story on Eastenders
  • We see them performing in what appears to be a karaoke in the pub as well as the narrative of them meeting up
  • Using the commutation test and binary oposite if the two men were dressed in black jeans with long hair they would signify heavy metal artists but instead they are wearing blue jeans and have short hair which although less gothic is less metrosexual to signify that these men aren't gay. However there is an  argument that the costumes are an intertextual reference to films such as Brokeback Mountain.The shirtlessness appeals to the female gaze.

Leona Lewis - Run
  • This is a rock ballad
  • The use of the oval shaped window with a black border signifies sadness 
  • The fact we see the artist alone in a rural area in the moors and in a forrest signifies loneliness
  • The use of the black dress in to exentuat Leona's bust and appeal to the male gaze showing how although this is a deep song it still has elements of post modenism. A post feminist would say that she is showing confidence and chosing to dress like that. Although a feminist would say that the song portrays a vulnerable character therefore the dress doesn't fit the song and the only reason she is dressed like that is to appeal to the male gaze and sell the song
  • The notion of looking is shown in the last shot where she looks direectly at the camera
Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight

  • The notion of looking is shown by the slow focus up and light fade up in as phil collins face is revealed looking in an extreme close up at the camera
  • This is a concept based video with elements of performance
  • It is a power ballad
  • The progression of the concept about life development narrative is signified by the use of the empty room and infinate corridor with many doors
  • The use of slow cross fades signifies a dream like state
Summary of What Ballad Video's Commonly Include
  • Mainly narrative based although they can be concept based too all with parts of performance
  • Emotional and slow
  • Lots of cross fades and medium close up to close up shots
  • A panoramic setting shown with long shots to signify the mood of the music so for example Robbie Williams had a waterfall because that song was a happy song about friendship whilst Leona Lewis had a rural setting because it signified loneliness and the song was verry sad
  •  Costume and Mise en Scene is coloured and light to reflect the mood of the song
  • The notion of looking to either connect with the audience or signify a relationship

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