Monday, 20 September 2010

The Guns and Roses

Welcome to the Jungle
  • The drinking and smoking we see of Axel to begin with signifies that he is rebellious and therefore appeals to teen audiences
  • The extra footage to begin with contains added diagetic sound
  • The use of the shots of him with no face shown created narrative enigma or it could signify that he is an unlikeable character
  • He is chewing hay which signifies he is from the southern states of America
  • We only see the objective and sexist  point of view shots of a female's legs and bum as the camera pans upwoulds which supports the feministic view that women dont have equal rights in the video as the men
  •  The notion of looking is shown by the use of the television shop in which we see the face of Axel
  • The video cuts to the performance side of the video as the beat of the music plays
  • The performance includes tracking and 360 degree shots focusing on the lead singer
  • It also includes long shots with the audience included within the frame
  • The editing is fast paced
  • Whilst we see the lead singer as the focus of most frames the rest of the band are in the shot too normalkly as a two shot
  • We see instrumental shots to show off the bands instrumental talent
  • The long hair of the band creates a band image and signifies that they are metrosexuals to give them sex appeal for female audiences
Sweet Child of Mine
  • The use of the black and white shots is polysemic and signifies that the video is either old footage,or arty/sophisticated footage but given that it is intergrated with colour shots the audience is lead to the prefered reading that the black and white footage is honest low quality fan based footage
  • As with most rock bands we see the band logo within the bass drum
  • The video is a performance based video
  • The low angle shot of the guitarist signifies that they are in power
  • We see the camera track which further signifies that the black and white footage is honest
  • Once again the woman in the video plays little role than just the person who is kissed by the band so therefore we only see her bum
  • The editing is fast paced and cuts to the beat
  • The shots start on the lead and end on the lead
  • We see the fast zoom and wipe cuts
Paradise City
  • It seems as though they are performing in an empty stadium untill the fast wipe cut round to a full stadium
  • We see a time lapse of the audience ariving
  • The use of canted angles could signify the disiness experienced when head banging
  • The editing is fast pace with focus on the lead singer

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