Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Darkness I believe in a thing called Love and The White Stripes

The Darkness I believe in a thing called love
  • The lead singer dominates the quantits of shots
  • Metrosexuality is shown to give the band sex appeal with the long hair and open jump suit
  • This is also an intertextual referance to Queen as it is dramatic Classic Rock
  • Although there are countertypical metrosexual signifiers of men their are also stereaotypical scenes of them fighting with the giant octipuss
  • The scene where he gets hugged whilst naked is an intertextual referance to a pot noodle advert and signifies his naked vulnerability which is again countertypical of the male gender
  • The notion of looking is shown by his use of looking towards the camera
  • The visuals have nothing to do with the lyrics because it is a concept based video.
The White Stripes - The Hardest Button To Button
  • the instrumental talent of the artist is shown off by the animation as one drum gets left behind on every beat
  • It is a performance based video performed unusually with no audience and outside
  • The female in the band is portrayed countertypically as no male gaze aspect is shown although she is the focus of the video
  • The colours of black and red creat a brand image to sell the song

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