Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Music I have Chosen

I have chosen the album song "I let the Music Speak" by Abba. Here are the lyrics:

 I'm hearing images, I'm seeing songs
Is as the rest of the lines polysemic. This line purposely uses the wrong verb with the wrong nouns to signify either a cathartic experience, a crazy overly emotional character or some sort of drug ussage or disoriantation.

No poet has ever painted
The meaning of the first line is anchored with the meaning of the first to signify the two lines together are an expression of superintelligent inspiration and creativity. The meanings a slowly revealed much like an opening of the film would to create narative enigma and draw it's audience in.

Voices call out to me, straight to my heart
Signifies either: love, God, an argument or some moving event.

So strange yet we're so well acquainted
Here she personifies the polysemic event or entity she is describing.

I let the music speak, with no restraints
Here it is anchored that she is singing about music although it is polysemic as to whether the music is a metaphor and her expresion of it. An emotional woman is stereotypical of there gender.

I let my feelings take over Perhaps the male gaze is appealed to here as this line has connotations of a romantic or sexual experience. The use of a female being expresionate signifies that through the stereotype they are young however the line is polysemic and could also signify that the protaganist is an elderly lady who has regrets about holding back in previouse experiences.

Carry my soul away into the world
Using the commutation test this could signify that the song is about suicide however with the other lines it anchors the meaning of the song that it is about a cathartic experience.

Where beauty meets the darkness of the day
This means that the emotions she feels cheer her up. For this line a long shot of a panoramic landscape or sunrise would fit.

Where my mind is like an open window
This could signify a clear mind the reasoning for it is polysemic therefore creates narrative enigma.

Where the high and healing winds blow
The binary oposites or the imagery of the darkness of the day and the high winds signifies the conflicts the protaganist faces in the music. The open window signifies the encapsulating experience of the music whilst the wind and beauty signify the cathartic journey it takes her.

From my shallow sleep the sounds awake me
This signifies that the protaganist feels awakened and refreshed by music therefore the video should be vibrant in apearance.

I let them take me
The protaganist personifies the music as a team of beings.

(Let them wake me, let them now, let them take me)
The singer wishes to enjoy the music this could signify she is sentimental and therefore female.

Let it be a joke

Let it be a smile

Let it be a farce if it makes me laugh for a little while

Let it be a tear

Let it be a sigh

Coming from a heart, speaking to a heart, let it be a cry

The protaganist will do anything tto find pleasure in their experience of music perhaps they are bored.

Some streets are emptiness, dry leaves of autumn

This is perfect for the video because the lyrics mention autumn and we will be filming in autmn.

Rustling down an old alley
This is a metaphorical setting therefore it will not be used in my video as vibrancy and modern fashions appeal to modern music vieo audiences.

And in the dead of night I find myself

A blind man in some ancient valley
Here the song changes tone from being joyfull to being sad and depressing therefore the video should change tone to reflect the song.

I let the music speak, leading me gently
It is clear I will need to characterise "the music" if I am basing my video on the lyrics.

Urging me like a lover

Leading me all the way

Into a place

Where beauty will defeat the darkest day
Here "the darkness of the day" tale is brought from a disequilibrium to an equilibirum and intergrated within the other narative of her having a cathartic experience.

Where I'm one with every grand illusion
This signifies the protaganist has high ambitouns and is easily lead.

No disturbance, no intrusion
This signifies that the protaganist is stuborn and self protected.

Where I let the wistful sounds seduce me
The male gaze is once again apealed to.

I let them use me
The protaganist feels regret about this.

(All illusion, no disturbance, no intrusion)

Let it be a joke

Let it be a smile

Let it be a farce if it makes me laugh for a little while

Let it be a tear

Let it be a sigh

Coming from a heart, speaking to a heart, let it be a cry

Let it be a tear

Let it be a sigh

Coming from a heart, speaking to a heart, let it be a cry

The tone of the song has once again changed from being an expresion of want of enjoyment to being a plee for anything but the illusion she is lead into that distrubes her life.

Let it be the joy of each new sunrise
The oxymoron of the "darkness of the day" tale is concluded in thay that the beauty being the sun wins these could be metaphors for experiences within her life.

Or the moment when a day dies
Perhaps the protaganist is old and regretfull of her life so therefore wishes to rellive them.

I surrender without reservation
The protaganist has given in to life and has left it polysemic as to the reasons why.

No explanations

No questions why
These signify the protaganist hates intrusion or being told what to do.

I take it to me and let it flow through me

Yes, I let the music speak

I let the music speak

The song is about a woman who is possibly elderly and has a regretfull life. She wishes to enjoy the joy and the sorrow she feels when listening to music either becuase she is bored or has given up on life this is polysemic. The song itself is a series of metaphors which create this polysemy it is therefore up to me to create a narrative based on the consumption of music.

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