Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Black Artist's

Shout by Shout for England (Feat. Dizzee Rascal and James Corden)
  • The mise en scene of football footage , fans and shirts reflects the concept of the song
  • preformance based of them raping/singing
  • black man stereotypical with chains and hat and raping
  • Football footage intergrated with them in the stand
Janet Jackson Together Again
  • Stereotypicaly in savanna
  • Wearing primitive clothing fit the stereotyp of abirigonal
  • Countertypically white people ar mixed in to the danceing
  • She at front of evenly spaced dance group
  • Dance in unison with her  flouting the choriography
  • Long shot with of dancing with cut outs of aborigonal life
Rihanna Rude Boy
  • Alone with animated background
  • Lots of costume changes
  • Close up shots and long shots of varient angles
  • Lots of setting changes
  • Her playing to men and controlling them
  • No signifier of her race

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