Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Disco Power Ballads

Disco power ballads are ballads with synthesisers and guitars and are made in the 1970's. They are slow paced, poetic and emotional as with most ballads. 

Charlene-Ive Never Been to Me [LINK]
  • Contains her walking around a mansion alone which signifies she is A social class and is lonely
  • The white flowing dress signifies inocence
  • The use of the oval shpe video in the centre of a white fram signifies a wedding photo book signifying the meaning of the narrative.
Rose Royce - Love don't live here anymore [LINK]
  • Is a performance based video of soul disco pop
  • It is dreamy as signify by the use of cross fades, bright colours and a sparkely frame
  • As with heavy metal the video extentuates the intremental tallent of the musicians focusing on the lead singer within the frame and using lots of tracking and 360 degree shots
  • The female lead is dressed to appeal to the male gaze and the black man stereotypically has an afro and large colar to appeal to moder teenage audiences and fashions of the time
Olivia Newton John - Hopelessly devoted to you [LINK]
  • Performance based video
  • Her in blue light signifies sadness and coldness
  • Cobewebs signify age and is an interextual reference the Lady Havisham
  • Dressed in fashions of the time
  • Flowing dressk, cross fades and close ups signify emotionality
  • At the end the fram stilled before it faded out
Summary of Videos
  • A sense of dreamyness
  • 1 set character nomarlly alone
  • Flowing dresses and scenic sets
  • Pink, blue , purple and white colours

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