Monday, 20 September 2010

Viking Metal

Viking Metal Has:

  • galloping pace 
  • keyboard-rich anthemic sound 
  • bleakness 
  • dramatic emphasis on Norse mythology 
  • Norse paganism
  •  the Viking Age [WIKI ]
A key band would include Bathory and Amon Amarth

    Amon Amarth - Twilight Of The Thunder God [YTB]
    • The mise en scene appears to be all viking except the players jeans and shirts, intruments and the colours in the performance side of the video however no electrical source of light can be seen
    • The woman is portrayed countertypically as shown is not wearing skimpy costumes and portrayed sexually she is however portrayed as a more vulnerable person than the men due to her plain dress instead of armour
    • The performance is warmer in colour than the narritve side of the video portraying a battle to signify the fort they are performing infront of is safe
    • Whilst in viking time that fashion would have been hetrosexual nowadays it is camp due to the long hair and deep roaring voice with gives the song sex appeal
    • We see a lot of head banging in the performance as well as crane/tracking shots and close up shots
    Amon Amarth - The Pursuit of Vikings [YTB]
    • The head banging twirls on the beat of the music
    • This is a performance based video
    • There are many shots of a wall and shots out of focus
    • The performance is unusually without an audience in a small room
    • The frame is slightly tinted green which signifies sci fi
    • The lead singer is the focus of the shots and is without a top on to give the band sex appeal
    Turisas - To Holmgard and Beyond [YTB]
    • Contains shots of viking life
    • Begins with old english sans seri typography
    • It is a narrative based video with performance as part of the dialogue of the narrative
    • There appears to be a possessed old man
    • There are lots of rural landscape long shots

    • Viking mise en scene
    • Viking ways of life and cultures
    • Sometimes modern performances
    • Rural long shots

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