Friday, 10 September 2010

My Initial Idea for my Final Piece

I have signified the protaganist as elderly in the narative of the lyrics however to fit the codes and conventions of music videos and appeal to teenage audiences the protaganist must be young.

The protaganist will be young and an attractive female to apeal to the male gaze however to fit the protaganist to the idea of bad experience I will portray her as low class. Therefore to meet the stereotype the protaganist will be be dressed in sporty clothing with tied back hair and hoop earings so the audience will signify her as rough, poor and with many problems.

The song lyrics personify powerfull natural things such as the sun and beauty. Since the song is about the consumption of music I will use the 20th most powerfull man in the media and the most powerfull man in the music industry Simon Cowell who I will include in my video to use a celebrity and appeal to modern  and wide audiences as they can easily signify the conatations of a video through a face they know. Obviously I cannot get hold of the real Simon Cowell so I will use masks or even half masks as used by Lady Ga Ga.

I like the Idea of the band acting out scenarious to reduce the amount of people I will need  such as in the Steps Video Chain Reaction therefore I will use many costumes and four people 2 girls and 2 boys. Again I cannot get Abba so I will use masks.

The narative will go as follows:
  • A poor rough woman auditions for the X Factor
  •  She gets through
  • She wins
  • She becomes a multi million selling artist owned by Simon Cowell
How I will do It:
  • Performance will be intergrated with the narrative to create 2 scenes.
  •  A member of the group will act as the protaganist and lead the singing.
  • A long tracking shot will be used of the performance along with close up shots. and medium shots.
  • I will use the screen within a screen effect and show her on TV or on a poster.
  • Skimpy clothing and makeup will apeal to he male gaze.
  • I will use modern fashion and culture to apeal to modern audiences.  
Problems I may Face:
  • Creating a realistic crowd with 4 people however the irony that a succsessfull artist has no crowd creates humour
  • Getting everyone together
  • Creating a realistic studio environment
  • Lip Sinking
  • Mise en Scene Changes
  • Shot Variation
The Songs Retold Meaning
I will make it about the falsification of the music industry through shows like the X Factor. The protaganist is saying I let the music itself speak instead of the person who performs it, the television show, the story behind the person, the persons journey, the amount of money invested into its marketing and I speak the music instead of in the X Factor where the songs are re-produced number ones of old songs. 

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