Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Power Ballads

Power Ballads :

  • produce slow tempo songs often building to a loud and emotive chorus
  • backed by drums 
  • piano
  • electric guitars 
  • soulfull
  • sometimes choirs [LINK]
Gary Balow - Forever Love [LINK]

  • The protaganist gets up and out of bed alone in black and white this is to signify that the video is sad, romantic and serious he is lonely.
  • We see many different types of coupels signified as couples by the use of a two shot
  • The lesbians and homesexuals shown are stereotypically good looking whith the lesbians in fish net stokings to appeal to the male gaze and the gay couple dancing with makeup on so that they can easily be identified in the short shots. This is an argument for post modernism because although this is a serious song it still is portraying the woman and stereotypes in order to sell the song. However a post feminist would say that the display of the range of couples is in support of free choice.
  • The binary oposites of the young couple kissing and the old couple kissing are to exagerate there difference and make the audience sympathise with both. It could  in a negotiated reading also make them disgusted by putting the old couple last but due to the gentle non diagetic music leads to the preffered reading to sympathise with the old couple.
  • This is a narrative based video

Michael Jackson - You are not Alone  [LINK]
  • This is a performance based video with the progressive concept of Michael and a woman intergrated
  • The woman and Michael appear naked surrounded by pillars there genitals covered by sheets this signifies that are Greek gods and appeals to the male and female gaze
  • The use of the two shots of them naked together signifies they are in a relationship and have just had sex
  • The warming lighting colours signifies the characters are content and confortable and that the environment is peacfull. Using the commutation test if the lighting was low key or in complete blackout it would signify fear and heavy metal
  • The use of the empty theatre Michael appears to be singing in reflects the lyric of the song "alone"
  • There is slow paced aditing because it is a slow paced song with lots of cross fades
  • Michael uses slow expressive arm gestures   
Westlilfe - You Raise Me Up [LINK]
  • Is in black and white to signify sadness and seriousness
  • The Gary Barlow song Forever Love is an intertectual reference to this video
  • The difference in this video is that the couples are only straight couples and the video fails to represent sexuality
  • We do however still see an old couple  

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