Thursday, 20 January 2011

Greatest Hits Album Cover Research

Looking at this Aiden album cover the key feature is the image the text being involved with the image to signify the band is the image. The black and white of the image signifies honesty and rebelion as the image looks like a news article and the writing on his shirt is an intertextual reference to protests. The angle of the text also helps signify rebellion which appeals to teenage audiences 15-34.
  This image is once again polysemic and appeals to a much broader audience. Although the use of a swear word means that this album would not be bought for audiences below 15. The use of pink, purple and gold colours appeals to female audiences and even gay culture as it is simillar to the kind of album colours you might find on a motown album cover as to the left. 

 This album cover appeals to a much more restricted audience by using low key lighting and scratchey typography. The band is staring at the camera in a mysterious way. The use of this bleakness appeals to teenage audiences  15 -34  males and purley fans of this band.  
See full size imageIn this album cover the band are once again signified as tough altough countertypically to alternative rock they are not signifed as a band but a gang. The 80's style punk rock hair helps draw in older audiences 24-45. The use of sepia colouring signifies helos signify their toughness as this with the gold typography is similar to the kind youd find in a rap album as to the left this helps draw in extra audiences than just the fans of the band.  

In this cover the image simply uses a highly polysemic image to create narrative enigma and draw its audiences in. This is much more similar to an old vinyl and therefore helps draw in older secondery audiences.

A greatest hits album cover would include much more generic images of either the band or the band logo or both. The often contain many intertextual references to appeal to a much broader  audience  than fans of the band.

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