Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Digipak Cover Research

In the photo above the the wolf signifies nature and power while the ocean signifies the title of the band and that the wolf is lost and depressed. This fits the title of the the track "Cutting Out Teeth". The lighting is verry low key which signifies the songs inside will be verry downbeat, serious and sad. The titles are in times new roman to signify the image is an acount as if from a book or diary.
The image above once again signifies the band and the track "What Seperates me from You". The colours are alot brighter which signifies that the images are a lot more comicle.   
In the Sum 41 cover it is for a generic album therefore more polysemic to create narrative enigma and get people to look on the back to see the tracks inside. The black and white photo signifies it is honest documentary style photo. The pink greatest hits appeals to young female audiences. However the parental advisory certificate shows that the intended audience is 16-34.   
In this Madina lake cover the image is very polysemic. With religious symbols and birds my opositional reading of this is that it could be an intertextual reference to the Indiana Jones films or some religious symbol of peace. However leaving it polysemic creates narrative enigma and draws its audiece in.

In this Finch cover the title is clearly signified by the image of the sunshine "Say hello to the sunshine" however they have used the intertextual reference of the wizard of Oz as a  twist on the title. The bright colours once again  signfiy happy music is inside.

In this All Time Low the man at the front in the yello shirt is signified as the protaganist. His blank face is to signify the title "Put up or Shut Up".
The use of black and white with yellow and green and large capital 3D lettering signifies that the title is news orientated. The image is a quistion of identity for the protaganist as is stereotypical among alternative rock concept videos.  

In this Kasabian cover the clinical tequoise matches the title "Processed Beats". However we see many contrasts for example the scared man in the veil would normally signify a thug however the white signifies innocence. The clinical green it being the green  used in hospitals where people get healed contrasts the word "Beats". In all this image is very polysemic not only to create narrative enigma and draw the audience in but to get it audience to think.  

As is also seen in this cover by 30 Seconds to Mars. The skulls and crying masks contrasting the title "A Beautiful Life". The japanes head bands and covered mouths mean that this cover is perhaps an intertextual reference to swime flu or communism. Either way no meaning in anchored.   

This cover is signifying the cover of a book. It uses a symbol once again to signify religion.

 In this My Chemical Romance cover the use of black signifies evil. The blood signifies the title "Life on the Murder Scene". The characters have their eyes closed which signifies they are dead. The typography is written in a sans font which signifies an acount. The overlayeing of the letter M and change in size of the letters is an intertextual reference to many murder mysyery titles.    

The general trend for Alternative Rock digipak covers is that they are graphic and brightly coloured if happy music is contained and darkly coloured if sadder music is contained. Each band has there own text which fits the image. The titles of the cover always have some reference to the image.


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