Saturday, 15 January 2011

Genre Overview (Lucy)

We Are The Ocean fit into the genre of 'Post - hardcore' and, 'alternative rock'.

Alternative Rock
  • It emerged in the 1980's and became popular with the 1990's
  • It's formed from lots of sub-genres such as grunge , Britpop , gothrock , and also indie these genres were all very popular in the 1980's
  • Alternative rock has before been used to class and group rock music produced by underground artists within the 1980's and also all music that descended from various punk rock genres
  • Bands such as R.E.M and The Cure achieved commercial success and maintstream recognition during the 1980's and were cult acts that recorded on independent labels and received their exposure through college radio airplay and word of mouth
  • Grunge and Britpop were becoming more popular in the 1990's with help and break through bands such as Nirvana alternative rock came into the mainstream which helped alternative bands to become more and more commercially successful
  • Typical Instruments used within the genre
  • Vocals, electric guitar, bass, drums and sometimes keyboards
  • It originally developed from hardcore punk and the punk rock movement.
  • The genre emerged in the mid to late 1980's from the Midwestern United States but came into mainstream recognition within the 2000's

Post - Hardcore

  • Characterised by it's precise rhythms and loud guitar-based sounds with a combination of clean vocals and screams is generally cha
  • Many of the bands have developed a good balance of dissonance and melody
  • They channel the loud and fast hardcore elements into more measures, subtle forms of tension and release
  • Typical Instruments used within the genre

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