Sunday, 9 January 2011

Digipack Reasearch

Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street

The front conatains the bands logo, the title and the logo of HMV the shop it was bought at

The back contains a bar code in the top right corner, there record label, the band logo, and all the tracks listed with their track numbers and timings and who sone them we see the image oif a man with 3 balls in his mouth and a film real of mic jagger in the 70's

One the side wee see the title in the same font as on the front and the HMV logo

Inside this pull out box is a similar digipack however this time all the images are in black and white and there are photographs on the front and instead of the HMV logo there is a sticker with the band logo in gold saying there are 10 exclusive tracks in side

The back is the same as the back on the cover although black and white

The side is also black and white although the fonts of the title are different and it includes the issue number

This then opens out to reveal 3 sides with similar images behind them 2 plastic CD cases at either end and an cardboard envelope in the centre

The CD's are covered in the same yellow the sticker was coveres in with the same font that was on the title page

At the tope is the issue number, then the title, then to the left hand side is the band logo, the record label logo and the compact disc logo, to the right is the words CD ONE or CD TWO with legal Promotone details beneath that of who its licenced to beneath that is a legal statment saying it is owned by Promotone then it says "Made in the EU" and adds a series of numbers.

Right at the bottom is the copyright symbol and that it is owned by Promotone and Universla Music International

In the centre is a booklet which just contains two black and white images of the band in there past on the back and front with the band logo and Doivdor there record company logo on the back left hand corner

Inside is a series of black and white images followed by in the centre a series of credits as well as the copyright statement again these are all in a list in white on a black background in a Sans Serif font in contrast to the titles of the digipack which look handwritten
Robbie Williams - In and Out of Consiousness Greatest Hits 1990- 2010
The front consists of the titles in a Sans font in white and grey and an image of him right framed talking by some rocks near the sea as it craches against them he has a serious look on his face and is wearing black trousers and a blue shirt

On the back is an abstract grey image with the bar code in the top left corner underneath that is the Virgin logo and the letters CDVD and a series of numbers

This then lists all the tracks on each disk

It then says the copyright statement in a small font about size 4

Underneath that in size 12 is Robbie Williams website and to the right of that is the Robbie Williams

On the side is the Artist followed by the title followed by the issue number

When opened out the digipack reveals a sky like image with all his ablbums in rows in sepia

In the centre is a booklet which has the same image as the front cover on the front

On the back it is black with the Robbie Williams logo and Robbie Williams website

Inside is a series of images followed at the end by credits on a double page spread in times new roman on ad white background
Also in the centre is a flier for a Nintendo Wii game With a series of images of him, logo's and puntual text on a grey background also including his website and the Wii websiter

The CD's are grey with white writing apart from the disc number writing which is sky blue the same colour as his shirt. Around the outside edge is the licencing agreement. In the centre is the title of the Album the Disk number and underneath that is Robbie William's logo, his website and Virgin's logo

Willful Missing - Vast Atlantic - Alternative Indie Rock
The titles are in Sans font to look like handwriting

The band logo is shown as a bear vector image in a boat ine the ocean this is all in black and white

On the back is the same image but in black with a yellow moon and blue lines for the sea ti signify nightime and listed is the tracks

Inside it states the members of the band on a grey background followed by a copyright statement

At the bottom includes there myspace page, where it was published to the right of this is the record label logo VT music

On the right is the CD which is the smae shades of yellow and grey as the moon on the back with the title written around the CD at the bottom is the copyright information

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