Monday, 17 January 2011

Practice Footage and Feedback

After screening this video the audience wanted to see more of the photo's. They wanted to see more locations and they suggested putting the shots in reverse. It would be better if it was more non linear. They didn't like the sheet of paper. It would also be better if it included more characters. Another suggestion for the end was to see a magazine add floating away saying missing with the protaganists picture. They got that the protaganist is sad and they liked the basic narrative that she is running away but they wanted to see more depth.

How we will respond to this Feedback
We will brainstorm more characters and locations to use
We need to think of why she is running away
We then create a shot list based on this

Below is one suggestion for creating a more interesting video as we had the idea of showing the people from her past dissapearing. Although this was roughly made you can see that the variety of costumes, darkness and slow paced fading in and out fits the song. However being only roughly made in windows movie maker we will have to think about titling if we include the overlaid text effect. But given that the audience didn't like the litteralness of this in our above screening we proabably wont include it.

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