Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Band as a Brand

The aim with we are the ocean is to present themselves as normal and cool people that  a teenage audience can relate to. Therefore they dress in casual clothing and skinny jeans. They are sat on a setee in a relaxed fashion. Using the  commutation test one way they could not appeal to their audience is by being a group of 40 plus year old business people. But instead they are young and always presented as having fun which makes them seem more likeable.

Their album covers have always been graphic to help add humour by being cartoon like. It would seem there aim is to give their audience a good time.

They also show a much more serious side in some of there music showing an understanding to teenage problems.

We chose to show their sad side but to make them more personal we didn't include a graphic image but instead a real one. The video being in the social realistic style helps demonstrate how down to earth and honest the band are and compliments their brand.  

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