Thursday, 6 January 2011


We allready have the central protaganist as a brunette girl in a white dress but we need to develop her storyline

Questions needed to be considered:

Why she is writing the confessions?
To say why she is running away

What the letter will say?

Why she is running away?
Her parents  have had an argument she goes out to remove herself from the distress

 What the other characters will be doing?
Walking along the street

Who the characters will be?
 A group of friends
Her parents
Her brother

What costumes, cast, mise en scene, we will need?
The friends wearing casual brightly coloured or black clothing in the street
Her parents and her brother will be pictured in photographs which will be overlaid the footage
The argument will be signified by the pictures burning, plates smashing and the letter  

Which locations the characters will appear in? 
The group of friends will appear in the street
The images of plates smashing will be overlayed or intercut when the voice of the music gets more screamy
The photos and the letter will be used in the rest of the video

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  1. badly need to see MUCH more use of imagery and other multimedia content; don't leave this to add in later
    i'm not looking at any more posts until you've got word verification off


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