Tuesday, 15 February 2011

More Magazine Advert Research

After recieving this message I went back and researched more Magazine adverts below is my evidence.

This content is adapted from the following [blog]. Like jake the black colours and sans text of this advert are not suitable for our audience because it is too gothic. The band and band name are the focal point of the image. There is a clearly defined box for the tour dayes and another tow boxes for digipacks with their covers shown and suitable information on where to find them prusuading the user to but them. In the tour dates the user can see the date and venue of each performance. This is titled in the smae font as the heading to signify its part of the same document. The part at the bottom is signified as seperate because of its change in colour. It advertises the companies HMV and PLAY.com as well as the releases they have.   

Its clear that the below digipak advert is a live digipak much like ours so therefore uses a image of the band performing live. There is once again a clearly defined box saying the date of release and some pursuasive text on what the digipak includes. Next to it is an image of the digipak. Below in a seperate box is an advert for a seperate digipak and below this are the retail company logo's.

An important factor for consideration is using a powerfull image such as the one to the right made by a student [link]. This helps create polysemy and draws the audience in to the narrative enigma.

In this basment jaxx advert found here [link] the key focus is the owl eyes this once again creates polysemy and draws the audience in to the narrative enigma. This is a a tour advert signified by the use of tour dates, venues and contacxt details such as the phone numnber and the website.
A magazine advert has 3 purposes:
  • Pursuade the audience to buy the digipak or go on the tour
  • Inform the audience of when and how to get the digipak or how to book a tour
  • Entertain with it being made for a magazine it should suit that audiences needs in buying the magazine
How to pursuade?
  • Use imperative language and exclamation marks such as "Buy Now!" "Out Now!"
  • Use polysemic images to create narrative enigma and draw the audience in
  • Use consistent typography and house style to further the bands brand
  • Use logos to advertise the retailers  
How to inform?
  • Adding text in a clear font
  • Adding websites, phone numbers, dates and retailers
  • Show an image of the digipak to make it clear this is whats being sold
How to entertain?
  • Appeal to the target audience in my case is to show the band having fun and being silly
  • Don't deter the audience for example in my earlier drafts the images were too polysemic and unapealing
  • Add humour and draw the audience into the advert   

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