Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Magazine Advert Draft 1

What I tried to achieve in the draft
I've tried to stick to the social realistic theme of thr digipack by using mainly diagetic information. The titles are in a sans font to both signify documentary style image and to show the bands brand typography to help signify the band. The use of the diagetic information is also an intertextual reference to competitions you'd find in a magazine and is to appeal to a younger audience becuase it signifies rural rebellion. The image itself is intentionally polysemic to create narrative enigma and draw the audience to by the album. However we see the greyed out effect wich signifies bleakness relfecting the sadness of the song confessions.

Feedback We Recieved
How I will respond to this feedback
I will remove the bubblegum Out now on iTunes and I will relate to the codes and conventions better.

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