Friday, 25 February 2011

Digipak Draft 6 + 7

With this digipak I was trying to make the it more relevant to other digipaks by WATO and make it more graphic. I also wanted to make the image more generic. I was going with the frankenstein idea "it's alive!".  
I scrapped the idea and made it more relevant to the band by including live images of them performing. I also included the wave symbol.
"Callum Moreman still not relevant. apart from the background image, but the whale doesnt even make sense. Just coz the name has ocean in it doesnt mean a whale can go on the front cover"

"the inner looks espec good; any reason to make the front so distinct from the other panels?"

I will therefore keep the inner and back as they are and remove the wave and whale from the front.

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  1. Make sure you evidence all shots/images are your own, NOT stock/web images
    good call to scrap the dolphin!


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