Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Magazine Advert Draft 2

Improvements I have Made
I have conventionally put the band in the image although still put them within th polysemic diagetic world choosing to put them on the pavement than in person so the perspective could still be seen. The image now singifies more torture from the screaming lead singer and the blood red skye. This helps appeal to a larger audience because it is more interesting. The images of the band also helps appeal more so to fans of the band and the femal gaze. The use of the blood red sky appeals to horror fans and fans of darker rock. While the urban landscape appeals to social realist fans and the urban environment is as typical to rap videos appeling to a new audience. 

Audience Feedback  
How I will respond to the audience Feedback

I will increase the resolution in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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  1. its an interesting idea chris - which you really should have shown ME by now! - tho i'm not sure you've really based this on actual examples of DIGIPAK ads you've seen? i've looked at the post on mag research; make sure you specifically denote + analyse several egs of such ads BEFORE working further on this!


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