Friday, 25 February 2011

More Magazine Advert and Image Research


A key focus of the magazine adverts which I haven't yet focused on is the image. It has to:
  • Portray the band as a brand
  • Pursuade the user by being poloysemic creating narrative enigma and drawing the audience in
  • Be consistent with the rest of the advert in order to further the bands brand

Lily Allen - The Fear Mag Ad [blog]

Lily advertisement
Unlike the lesser know artists Lily Allens advert has less text on it with the key focus the image and the bold title Lily Allen. This image appeals to the male gaze. The use of black and white is polysemic to create narrative enigma and draw its audience in. It could signify honest documentary style footage or it could signify she is pretending to be a character in an old movie. I believe the preffered reading is to signify that she is both fun and mysterious and is an intertextual reference to artistic modeling. Her scruffy hair signified that she is a rebel while her white dress signifies she is innocent. While this reading is juxtaposed with the signifier that she is not innocent in her split open dress. 

Higher Learning Volume 2 Digipak  
This image is clearly used as a shock tactic. The Simpons has a target core audience of 8-16 with a secondary audience 16-35 as its been going so long.  Fashawn an underground hip hop rapper [wiki]would appeal to this secondery audience of the Simpsons. It being a childrens show using a black bart and juxtaposing the innocence of childhood with the harsh reality of gangstar life. It gives the musician the image of being rebelious, tough and unafraid.

 Juliette Lewis - Tera Incognita [blog]
In this magazine advert the protaganist is signified as a sense of disruption by the cross in the text and the birds flying round him. Here the text comes in  the form of a banner as if the advert is a poster. The red signifying warning or danger.

The band's digipak image
Looking at the earlier blog post on the band as a brand I will need to portray the band in a fun casual way at least.  

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