Thursday, 15 July 2010

Heavy Metal Music Videos

Ektomorf- I choke

  • Fast pace editing 
  • Concept video
  • Performance of band
  • Man with black hands round him fits with lyric "I choke"
  • Colorful low key lighting
  • Drum shown when drum beat given
  • Scratchy typography used with abstract nouns
Pain - Shut Your Mouth
  • Narrative Based Video
  • Equilibrium lazy man not wanting to get up to alarm clock sounding tune of song
  • Disequilibrium alien lands everyone thinks he's mad 
  • New Equilibrium Alien now lives with man
  • Performance of band inter-cut
  • Comedy of alien singing and old man appearing to shout in a formal scenario
Blatant Disarray - Undetermined

  • Simple room performance based video 
  • Long Hair
  • Head Banging
  • Polysemic close up shots
  • Tracking long shots 
  • Dim lighting 
Chimaira - Resurrection
    • Concept Based Video
    • Male dominance stereotypically fighting
    • Females skimpily dressed to appeal to the male gaze 
    • Very Fast Paced Editing 
    • Dark
    Chimaira - Destroy and Dominate
    • Low key lighting signifies evil
    • Smoke
    • Special Effects 
    • Fast Pace Editing
    • Silhouette 
    • Tracking Shots of Band
    • Performance based video 

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